Will the NBA Come Back After COVID?

The NBA season has remained suspended since the 12th of March. This was just one day after Rudy Gobert became the first player to test positive for COVID-19. As we approach June, the NBA still has some hope that the season can resume this summer. Sources from the league have told the media that there is optimism all around to suggest that the season will restart. Chris Haynes from Yahoo came out with a report that there was a conference call held with the top players which included the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Chris Paul who had expressed sufficient desire to resume the season as and when the situation sees some improvement. Still, no one is absolutely sure as to when, where, and how the season could resume.  

Possible Dates When The NBA Can Return

On Monday, California and Texas announced that professional sports could resume once again without the presence of spectators in the month of June. On the other hand, the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has encouraged pro sports teams to resume if they can do so without fans. Still, this go-ahead signal does not ensure that the NBA will come back to entertain its fans who are sitting at home. The availability to test players remains a significant hurdle for the league and without this facility, it will be quite risky to expose the players under these present circumstances. 

If the NBA does decide to resume with a specific location and format in mind, then players will also require a training camp to help them get back into shape. The veteran forward from the Los Angeles Lakers, Jared Dudley has shared his thoughts on the issue. He said that players would ideally require a minimum of five or six weeks to get back in shape. On Monday, even Sam Amich from The Athletic said that the camp would most likely be for two or three weeks. When we talk of individual games like the ones you find in a casino, diving into a Casino Bonus can be overwhelming, but luckily BonusFinder did this for you. However, for a team sport, one comes across different kinds of issues.

Then, on Tuesday, Marc Stein of the New York Times said that the NBA is also debating the timeframe which is required for teams to make their way into a centralized location in case the games are held in either one or two cities. So, there are a whole lot of things to consider and which are required for the NBA to kick off after the COVID pandemic.  If your trying to pass the time be sure to check out https://s-bobet.com for a great option. 

The Place Where The Season Could Be Conducted

The NBA has had several discussions related to playing in one or a couple of centralized locations so that the travel can be cut off and the players could be kept quarantined as long as possible. Marc Stein further went on to report that Orlando is the leading choice right now, though Las Vegas, a location which has been mentioned quite often, is not out of the question for being the possible contender for hosting the matches as well. According to the report by Amick, Orlando, especially Disney World, has some specific advantages due to the relationship that the NBA has with ESPN. It also happens to be a private property that potentially makes it easier to limit the interactions of teams with the outside world. This is not the case when you play online casinos. Diving into a Casino Bonus can be overwhelming, but luckily BonusFinder can do this for you.

Las Vegas has been mentioned due to its solid infrastructure of hotels, arenas, and the familiarity of the NBA with the city right through the Summer League. During a conference call, Commissioner Adam Silver mentioned that Toronto could be seen as a possibility. Amick even wrote that the NBA could go ahead to choose two separate locations which might well hint towards the cancellation of the regular-season games. However, it might also mean a reduced number of matches taking place during the season, perhaps with teams playing only intra-conference games.   

What Kind Of Format Might It Come Up With?

Amich reported that during a conference call, Silver called for teams who are contenders to qualify for the playoffs to view the resumption of this season as part of the greater benefit. This suggests that regular season games would be played for the sake of earning revenue.  

The longer the suspension manages to last, it is quite possible that the NBA would go right down to the playoffs. While on one hand, the fans and media have suggested play-in tournaments, single-elimination tournaments, or even a best of three series to take place, which would invite more drama, all these are unlikely to happen. Kevin O’Connor from The Ringer said that the introduction of new ideas or rules at such an unstable time is not a popular thing within the league.  No matter how uncertain the comeback is for the NBA, after we get through this tough period due to COVID, people can always have their say with casino games online. Diving into a Casino Bonus can be overwhelming, but luckily BonusFinder can do  this for you and help you play some of the most exciting games, while you stay at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

What NBA Fans Are Busy With During COVID?

The COVID-19 has really changed NBA. It’s a good thing that mass vaccination is ongoing to hopefully conquer the deadly virus that changed many people’s lives. So, how do fans and players cope with this trying situation?

NBA fans, while waiting for another NBA game post-COVID, are busy with alternative activities like the following:

  • Taking NBA Quiz: NBA fans busy themselves by taking NBA quiz online, refreshing their memory about NBA topics. Online users can easily access an ultimate NBA quiz platform that covers diverse NBA topics, such as various NBA eras, players, moments, history, and stats. 
  • Collecting NBA Memorabilia: Seniors and young generations alike love collecting NBA memorabilia. Some examples of NBA memorabilia you’ll find online include authentic signed basketball, jersey, cards, and posters. Famous collections are put on auctions and others at fixed prices.

Engaging In Social Media: NBA fans have created their social media groups, inviting their favorite players and actively posts and meet through messaging apps. NBA players get to engage with their fans online, sharing the latest updates about their career and personal lives. Fans also share their stories and opinions about the current sports news and events.

Now, coming back to the NBA and the kind of format it could take to resume after COVID, they could try and have a shortened series i.e. best of five. One idea everyone associated with the game has is to make the first rounds best of five along with the conference finals and finally to have the standard best of seven.

It remains to be seen exactly how and when this process is normalized and the NBA players can get back into action.