Best Asian Beers for Game Day

There is no more pleasant and amusing way to enjoy a game day than to savor one refreshing bottle of an ice-cold beer. Believe it or not, beer tastes better while watching your favorite game- it may be football, basketball, and the likes. 

Being a server for a great game day party can be a challenge. When talking about beers, Asian beers will always be on top of the list. In fact, Asia consumes the most beer out of any continent in the world.

Asian beers are known for being weak, watery brews with very little flavor. Even though the alcohol level differs from every brand, there will always be that distinct taste consistently present in Asian beers. 

But which brands do most consumers reach for when they want to chill out while on a game night? Here are some of Asia’s most famous and iconic beers that you might want to try sometimes.  

Angkor Beer

Angkor, Cambodia’s national beer, is inspired by the world-famous Khmer Angkor temples at Siem Reap, which attract thousands of tourists every year. This reasonably ordinary Asian beer made the list for a few reasons. 

The first is that Angkor Beer is a light and refreshing beer with a savory flavor. The beer is full of mild bitterness, a light hops scent, and a delightful aftertaste. It features crisp malty tones when compared to Cambodia’s other popular tap beers.

This drink is available in 640ml, 320ml bottles and cans, and on tap. It’s sold for as low as 25 cents per glass in Cambodia, making it one of the best-value beers sold in the world. The beer Angkor is a lager. It might not be full-flavored, but it’s remarkably strong for a lager.

Saigon Beer

Vietnam has a large variety of locally produced beers available in bottles and cans, including Saigon Beer, Vietnam’s most popular and highest-selling brand, made and packaged in Ho Chi Minh City and widely distributed throughout the country.

They create the Saigon Beer with barley and rice, and it has a golden yellow color and a thick, cream-colored head. This beer is a unique lager with a tangy flavor that Vietnamese people believe is gentle and refreshing when consumed outside in the sun. Generally speaking, this beer has a 4.9 percent alcohol level, similar to a Dutch pilsner.


Leo is among Thailand’s most popular beers. They sell this throughout most of Southeast Asia for around 42baht for a 640ml can.

It’s not quite as cheap as Cambodian beer, but it is one of the most inexpensive Asian beers. It’s delicious and refreshing and still tastes good even though the beer has warmed up in the sun. Compared to the nasty flavor of a glass of Chang- also dubbed as “Elephant pee” by natives, this beer is a decent brew.


Tiger, Singapore’s first locally manufactured beer, was introduced in 1932 and is now renowned across Asia. Tiger Beer is currently brewed throughout 11 Asian countries and consumed in more than 75 countries across Europe, the United States, Australia, Latin America, and the Middle East. 

The beer’s distinct amber container keeps it from aging too quickly, keeping the dry-hopped brew rich and full. Tiger is a fantastic accompaniment to spicy foods because it’s light and pleasant to drink, with a bit of bitter aftertaste. 

Being one of the world’s leading beer brands, Tiger Beer uses only the finest ingredients and undergoes a strict brewing process that could last over 500 hours. Tiger beer is also served in Singapore’s hawker center- a place well-known for street cuisines such as oyster cake and Singapore’s famous chili crab.

Singha Beer

Singha is a golden yellow lager that has a six percent alcohol content. This beer, manufactured by the Boon Rawd Brewery, has a hoppy taste and is known as the best beer in Thailand. Singha is also available in Thailand in variants such as draught and light with a 3.5 alcohol level. 

Singha takes its name from the mythological lion depicted on the beer’s packaging, well-known in Hindu and Thai culture. Singha beer is a full-bodied 100 percent barley malt lager that is the best drink when chilled and has a vibrant flavor with bold hop notes.


Beerlao is a popular beer among locals and foreign visitors who have visited the beautiful region of Laos. This beer was even dubbed “Best beer from Asia” by Time Magazine. 

Despite the dark color made from rice, it has a darker, more powerful, and more pungent taste than most pale ales in the area. Beerlao is made with a unique blend of organically farmed jasmine rice, high-quality malt, and hops worldwide. 

Beerlao lager and gold have a 5-percent alcohol content, while Beerlao Dark has a 6.5-percent alcohol content. Enjoy it at one of the waterfront eateries near the Mekong River in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos. Aside from that, you may also find Beerlao in adjacent countries, just like Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen

San Miguel Pale Pilsen, with five percent alcohol by volume, is the beer that best represents the Philippines. This beer is the most common and highly accessible beer for the general public, and they frequently serve this in buckets in most pubs and restaurants. 

San Miguel Pale Pilsen is your typical, easy-to-drink beer. You can find this beer practically everywhere in the Philippines.  

Bintang Beer

Even though international beer brands are readily accessible in Indonesian diners, Bintang Beer, also known as Star Beer, is often compared to Heineken, primarily in flavor and appearance. It is mainly because Heineken’s Indonesian subordinate produces Bintang Beer,  

Bintang Beer is a mild, malty lager with a touch of Dutch influence in its flavor, although it originates from Bintang, a lovely region in Indonesia. It is Indonesia’s high-selling beer, and residents and visitors love it because it’s the ideal thirst-quencher for the warm climate.

Asahi Super Dry

Asahi Super Dry is perhaps the finest and most well-known beer in Japan, with its delicious barley flavor accompanied by a crisp finish. Since its launch in 1987 as Japan’s first-ever dry beer, the flavor of this fascinating beverage has been enhanced and upgraded into a more refined taste. The flavor has established a new threshold which is now known all across the globe.

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