Can You Get Nike Shoes on a Budget?

Nike is arguably one of the best and most popular shoe brands on the market, and this is evident once you actually see what most professional and amateur basketball players are wearing on the court. Despite Nike’s popularity, there is still a stigma that shoes made by the brand are expensive compared to other brands. However, that’s not always the case.

While there are Nike shoes that are expensive because they are packed with plenty of features, there are also budget-friendly shoes that are still effective in providing cushioning, support, and protection for your feet. However, to get these budget-friendly shoes, you would need to know where to look and what to actually look for. Here are a few tips for you to get Nike shoes on a budget.

Check the Nike Website

The first thing you need to do to know more about the budget-friendly Nike shoe options is to visit the Nike website, which usually has a different layout and catalog of products depending on your country or region. The Nike website would show you every single product that is currently available for purchase and shipping, so you will see not only their expensive products but also their inexpensive options.

To have an easier time finding their budget-friendly shoes, you can go to the “Shoes” category and then press the “Filter” button on the top right so that you can choose to sort items by price. Select the “Price: Low-High” filter so that you will immediately see the least expensive footwear products in the catalog. Checking the Nike website is arguably the easiest and fastest way for you to know about all the budget-friendly offerings by Nike.

Visit Online Sporting Goods Stores 

Besides the Nike website, you can also purchase budget-friendly shoes in online sporting goods stores that carry Nike products. Sometimes, these sporting goods stores would sell a few Nike shoes at a much lower price compared to the Nike website, so it is essential to check them out if you are trying to buy basketball shoes and other sports shoes on a tight budget. 

The layout of online sporting goods stores when it comes to their product catalog may be confusing at first, as they are also carrying other brands. But, when searching for Nike shoes, you can just turn on the filter that allows you to only see Nike products in the product catalog. Then, if you want to see the most affordable Nike shoes, you can set the filter to show products from the lowest price to the highest price, much like the option you are given on the Nike website.

Subscribe to the Nike Newsletter

One of the best ways to know when new products and the latest deals appear on the website is to subscribe to Nike’s newsletter. The newsletter would tell you everything you need to know about the newest products and deals on the websites, which is essential if you want to know which products are budget-friendly or at a big discount.

It is also through the Nike newsletter that you will be given a heads-up about upcoming sales and promotions, and we will talk about these special events on the Nike website later in this article. Moreover, it is also through the newsletter where the website will give you your birthday discount if you have created an account on the site and provide your birthday and other pieces of personal information.

Wait for Sales and Promos

Sales and promotions would allow you to buy Nike shoes at a discounted price on the Nike website. So, if there is an expensive Nike shoe that you really want to buy but is way too much for your budget at its original price, you can just wait for sales and promos and see if that shoe is discounted. The amount of discount you can get from different Nike shoes can vary, with some having a 10% discount while others have a 20% to 30% discount. 

A lot of Nike shoes eventually get discounted over time, so you just really need to wait for the perfect time to get your desired sports shoes at a discount. Aside from the Nike website, online sporting goods stores also organize sales and promos, so you will have plenty of options when it comes to buying discounted Nike shoes. 

Use Vouchers or Promo Codes

In addition to sales and promos, you should also use vouchers or promo codes if the Nike website or online sporting goods stores give them to you. These vouchers, coupons, or promo codes are usually rare, so take advantage of them while they are still available. However, there are certain Nike shoe models that are exempted from discounts and promotions, so there is a chance that the promo code you got cannot be applied to the Nike shoe you like.

But you can use the discount codes and coupons on some Nike products that are already discounted, so you will be able to double your discounts from those items. Use these vouchers and promo codes wisely so that you can save a lot of money from buying specific Nike shoes.

There are many affordable and budget-friendly Nike shoes available right now, but finding them is all up to you if you truly want to save money or want to buy high-quality shoes even if you have a tight budget. We hope that this guide has helped you know where to find affordable Nike shoes and what to do in order to get more discounts.

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