FUBU X PUMA Suede Classic “Suede 50” edition

You may consider the FUBU X PUMA Suede Classic “Suede 50″as aspecial pair because it tellsa tale of two of the most distinguished sneaker brandsin the world.

FUBU founded its humble roots in 1992 when four friends – Daymond John, Keith Perrin, J. Alexander Martin, and Carl Brown – decided to become entrepreneurs. Being young visionaries, they wanted to go against the grain and strike out on their own. Thus, they began to pioneer what could be a revolution in streetwear fashion and culture through their own brand FUBU, which means “For Us, By Us.”

According to John, “We wanted to do something that we loved. Wewere loving the world of hip-hop but we couldn’t dance or produce or make money rapping but we started to realize that there are other ways to be part of the culture.”

FUBU went on tobecome one of the first brands that are inspired by street fashion,to create clothing and footwear for the streets.

PUMA is a German brandthat started in 1948. One of the company’s milestones is their launch of the “Suede” trainersin 1968. Theoriginal Suedeconsisted of thick rubber soles, curved silhouette and flexible upper, and these very features put these shoes well ahead of its game (and its competitors).

And more so when the Suede became a part of one of the most significantmoments in Olympics history, when 200-meter gold and bronze medalists Tommie Smith and John Carlos stood proudly on the podium, with their fists up in the air, as the American national anthem was being played. This gesture later became known as the “The 1968 Olympics Black Salute.” The Suedes were placed alongside Smith and Carlos, who were shoeless as they were standing on the winners’ podium.

In 1973, basketball legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier was among the first to endorse the Suede. Since then, the Suede had become the must-have footwear for anyone who had wanted to follow Frazier’s cool, unique, and a bit of rebellious fashion sense.

While FUBU and PUMA hasalways held a special place in the black American andstreetwear culture, their shoes are made for people from all walks of life. And just recently, FUBU joined PUMA to commemorateSuede’s 50th anniversary by releasing FUBU X PUMA Suede Classic “Suede 50.”

From what wesee, the FUBU X PUMA Suede Classic “Suede 50” features some of the hallmarks from the two streetwear legends, paying tribute to FUBU’s tracksuits and the Suede’s iconic fresh looks. It boasts a black velour upper which is accented with red velour lining and pipping. The black midsole, the red outsole, and some gold accents further add to the shoe’s look. The commemorative “Suede 50” is seen on the tongue. And finally, it comes with three sets of laces.

The FUBU X PUMA Suede Classic “Suede 50” made its debut on January 26, 2018 at a retail price of $110.

FUBU X PUMA Suede Classic “Suede 50”
Release date: January 26, 2018
Color: Puma Black/High Risk Red
Style code: 366320-02

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