Guide to Basketball Leg Sleeves

As a serious basketball player, you have to select your gear with great care. With the right equipment and accessories, a player might be better equipped to make the right play or at least feel more confident about doing well on the court. What’s more, the correct basketball gear will also help in keeping a player relatively safer during a game or practice. 

Other than selecting the right basketball shoes, compression stockings, and shorts, there are a few other accessories to think about. Arm, sleeves, knee sleeves, and leg sleeves fall in this category. These are sleeves that cover certain parts of your body; while they might not be absolutely necessary, they look good and provide a certain feel while you’re playing or practising. 

Arm sleeves usually cover the area from a player’s wrist to his or her bicep. Knee sleeves are for the calf and knee area, while leg sleeves run from the thigh to the calf. Apart from these sleeves, arm pads and knee pads also come handy to protect players during Basketball as well as in many other outdoor sports like Paintball and Airsoft.

So, why should a player pay attention to the kind of sleeves they wear or even get any for their basketball practise and games? The most common answer to this is that certain players just like the feeling of such sleeves. They’re usually breathable and lightweight, which means that one stays cool even if they’re under a lot of pressure. Some sleeves varieties might be made of moisture-wicking material. Such fabrics help in keeping players dry while the game is eating up. Plus, some legs and arm sleeves might even have compression technology, so they provide the same benefits as compression stockings

The next factor is that many athletes want to look and feel their best even when they’re playing. This can be a challenging aim, as one usually tends to get hot, sweaty, and ruffled while on the basketball court. Sleeves provide a way to keep the body parts in place while also controlling the moisture from excessive sweating. At the same time, they also present a somewhat neat look.

Many pro athletes as well as college basketball players also wear arm, leg, or knee sleeves, and the junior players want to emulate their heroes. 

All of the perks above could be applied to all kinds of sleeves meant for basketball players, but we’ll be talking about how to choose the best basketball leg sleeves below: 

Buying Guide for the Best Basketball Leg Sleeves


There are a few factors to keep in mind before you buy any leg sleeves for the purpose of playing basketball. They might vary in priority according to where you pay and how often, but most of the considerations are the same for all kinds of players. Let’s have a look at the factors we should consider before deciding on the best type of leg sleeve for basketball: 

1. Colors and Designs

Basketball leg sleeves, arm sleeves, and knee sleeves come in all sorts of designs and colors, so you can choose according to your personal preference or style. AT times, you might have to stick to neutral shades or some specific colors in order to keep the rules of your current basketball team. In such cases, make sure to select the colors according to the regulations. For personal practise and wearing, you can choose any design, pattern, or shade you like. 

2. Selecting the Right Size

Before placing an order for any basketball leg sleeve, you should always check out the sizing chart. When buying online, make sure that a sizing chart is provided in the product details. Keep in mind that the sizes will be different for men and women, so always look at the dimensions for each sleeve in inches. 

The right basketball leg sleeves should not be tight, but snug enough to stay on the body part without moving much even when you’re playing. The sizing may also vary according to brand, so measure yourself accordingly before ordering. For leg sleeves, this means measuring the circumference of your ankle, knee, and calf. If the intended sleeve also goes to your thigh, measure that place as well. 

3. Comfort and Pain Relief

Reading the reviews for a basketball leg sleeve will help you see what benefits it gives to its current users. If you’re looking for proper support, managing pain in the knees, or to stave off calf fatigue, see if that sleeve has helped people achieve such goals. Some sleeves may also be helpful in speeding up recovery from meniscus tears or runner’s knee along with several other issues. 

4. Professional Compression Technology

Some versions of basketball leg sleeves may include compression technology, but not all of them. With proper compression, you get an increased level of blood transported to the right muscles in a specific body part. The resistance will be enough extra support to keep your legs a bit more stable while you’re practicing or playing. 

5. Suitable for Frequent Wearing

Another factor to check out is whether the material of the basketball leg sleeve is comfortable and suitable for everyday earring. The material should be breathable, fairly lightweight, and not too constricting on your leg. It should also be comfortable and able to wick away moisture if you usually get sweaty while playing. 

6. Padded or Unpadded

Padded and unpadded sleeves usually have different price ranges and a different feel when you put them on. The following table should help you decide whether to get a padded version or not: 

Padded Leg Sleeve

Unpadded Leg Sleeve

Higher price

Lower price

Prevents scrapes and lowers impact on knee area

Prevents scrapes and friction burns

For players who have to run a lot, take risks, and battle for rebounds

For players who have to dive after loose balls on the court

Provides a bit of compression

May not always provide compression

Usually heats up quickly

Likely to be cooling and breathable

Now that we’re caught up on how to select the best leg sleeves for playing basketball, let’s check out some of the top options available on the market today: 

Where to Buy
McDavid Hex Knee Pads and Knee Compression Sleeves
SONTHIN Leg Sleeves Compression Full Leg Long Sleeves 
HuiYee Sports Compression UV Long Leg Sleeves
Copper Compression Full Leg Sleeve
The COOLOMG 1PC Compression Leg Sleeve

1. McDavid Hex Knee Pads and Knee Compression Sleeves

This is a compression leg sleeve pair that’s suitable for playing basketball, volleyball, lifting weights at the gym, and much more. The sleeves are also available in scarlet, pink, and a few other colors in addition to neutral black and white. There are several features in these sleeves that help in protecting a basketball player and assist them in performing to their full potential. The patented hex protection is a special offering from this brand, which should assure us about its quality and durability.  


  • Comfortable
  • High quality
  • Patented protective technology 
  • Closed cell foam padding for high-impact protection
  • Moisture wicking technology for keeping dry and cool
  • Favored by collegiate and pro athletes
  • Provides compression technology
  • Non-slip
  • Little to no chafing


  • Top seam might get a bit irritating after extended wear

2. SONTHIN Leg Sleeves Compression Full Leg Long Sleeves 

These full-length leg sleeves provide compression for any basketball player--males, females, and kids. They come in five colors and are sold in pairs. The material is 15 precent spandex and 85 percent nylon, which makes the sleeves quite durable.  Keep in mind that these leg sleeves cover the whole leg from the thigh to the calf. They do provide a decent compression, but may only be suitable for playing in winter. There’s a silicone band at the top of each sleeve, which prevents them from slipping while playing or running.   


  • Provide sun protection
  • Breathable yet warm during the cold weather
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight build
  • Won’t harm skin
  • Moisture absorbing
  • Quick-dry fabric prevents chills after sweating
  • Provides support for sore and stiff joints plus muscles
  • Suitable for everyday wearing


  • Sizes run large, sizing chart needs to be checked carefully

3. HuiYee Sports Compression UV Long Leg Sleeves

These long leg sleeves are a popular pair, especially as they’re known for providing medical grade compression and improved circulation for many users. They’re suitable for those who want some extra support while running, playing basketball, playing football, cycling, or taking part in almost any sport.  The materials here are 15 percent spandex and 85 percent polyamide, which help to make a lightweight, soft, and breathable sleeve.   


  • Compression helps in muscle recovery and better blood circulation
  • High quality material
  • Design helps in staying comfy and relatively cool while playing sports
  • Silicone wave band to prevent slipping
  • Versatile, ideal for wearing in a wide variety of activities
  • Helps prevent damage from UV rays
  • Good after sales service; offers size replacement when needed


  • Sizing might be difficult to figure out

4. Copper Compression Full Leg Sleeve

Unlike the options we’ve discussed so far, this copper full leg sleeve, this one doesn’t come in pairs. It is sold as a single piece, so you can purchase it in case one leg needs some special support. This will be useful for someone who has an injury on one leg or some other issue. If you’d like a pair, there’s always the opportunity to buy two pieces. Here’s a guide on the most common basketball injuries and how to deal with them.  These copper sleeves are suitable for both men and women and have a high copper content. Some other manufacturers might spray their fabrics with copper, but these sleeves have the copper infused into its fibers. Copper-infused nylon makes up around 85 percent of the material in these leg sleeves, which is an innovative and unique offering in the industry. Having copper in the fibers makes the sleeves better able to give benefit, support, and stay durable for many years to come.   


  • There is a 100 percent happiness guarantee for this product, which means that you can return it and get a refund without any questions. 
  • Company has confidence in their offering
  • Suitable for those with stubborn leg injuries, sore muscles, stiff joints, tendonitis, arthritis
  • Can provide comfort all day and night
  • Compression gives airport with comfort while also allowing a decent range of motion
  • Helps muscles to perform and get stronger
  • High quality fabric that can be washed easily without losing function


  • Some complaints of uncomfortable elastic around the top
  • Expensive

5. The COOLOMG 1PC Compression Leg Sleeve

This leg sleeve also comes in one piece per package, although there is an option to buy a pair from the same brand. The sleeve is good for sports such as basketball, football, cycling, etc. You can get different sizes for both adults and kids, but make sure to check the measurements in the sizing chart before placing any orders.  The material here is a high-quality polyester fabric, with EVA Pads protector. There is also a bit of resin mixed into the fibers to reduce the chances of tearing.   


  • Material is soft, elastic, and of high quality
  • Resin included to prevent tears
  • Tensile strength fit for playing baseball, basketball, football, and any indoor or outdoor game
  • Provides at least 98 percent sun protection
  • Care plan provided by parent company


  • Sizes may run large

The table below will summarize the top choice for basketball leg sleeves:

  McDavid Hex Knee Pads and Knee Compression SleevesSONTHIN Leg Sleeves Compression Full Leg Long Sleeves HuiYee Sports Compression UV Long Leg SleevesCopper Compression Full Leg SleeveThe COOLOMG 1PC Compression Leg Sleeve
MaterialNylon and spandexNylon and SpandexPolyamide and SpandexCopper infused nylonPolyester
CompressionLow MediumHighHighLow
Unique FeaturePatented HEX protection Full coverageSilicone band to prevent slippingHas copper in the fibers instead of sprayed onResin mixed into fabric
Size ranges L to XXL, Youth One SizeMedium to XLMedium to XLL to XLXXL to XL
One Piece or PairPairPairPairOne PieceOne Piece


With so many options around, it can be challenging to choose the right basketball leg sleeve for your requirements. Fortunately, there are a lot of reviews for these items available online, along with sizing charts to guide you. As long as you’re careful about choosing the right material and size, you’d probably get a decent basketball sleeve to up your game.