History Of The Brand

Branding means a marketing practice whereby a company forms a logo or name that is specifically for the company. This helps people in knowing the quality of the product. Branding comes a long way in terms of history. Of course, we are living in a world where branding is important. Yet, branding is important in a business. For instance, a modern brand is Adidas! Well, they made sure to keep its items branded.Branding applies to the gaming world as well. Lucky VIP Casino is another brand that knows how to apply branding on its site. From the layouts to its social media account… But who knew that branding would make an impact on people’s life.  Let us see where it all began.

The history of branding comes way back to the centuries. Back in 2,000 BC, branding was famous among the farmers where their products had a specific logo. Yet, after the industrialisation, people understood that apart from the logo, the product needs to be the best. Branding makes an impact on the lifestyle of the person and it also connects people.

Branding made a huge coming out when people started using the internet and social media. Adidas for instance made use of advertisements, social media, and marketing strategies to sell their products and make them famous.

Air Jordan is another example of a famous brand and this started in 1984. This was created by Michael Jordan. He firstly introduced the Chicago Bulls and the brand was later taken by Nike as The Air Jordan 1. Most of the shoes were basketball sneakers.

The most famous brand in today’s era is, Nike, ‘Just do it’- is one of their famous slogans. This brand comes with a revenue of approximately 34.35 Million USD. This brand has made the world go crazy, especially with the new styles of shoes.  Mark parker the CEO of Nike said: ‘’When you work in a culture that thrives on innovation and is constantly moving into unchartered territory, you’re going to hit dead ends. But to be successful over the long term, remember what you’ve learned and moved on from it quickly.’’

Want to create a brand? Here are the 3 types of branding:

  • Personal Brand – This is known to be a recognised brand made by an individual that is based on their experience, competencies, or achievements
  • Product Brand – Individual products for a famous company for instance; Nutella.
  • Corporate Brand – This refers to promoting the brand name of a business to certain services or products.

To create a successful brand, you need to know the demand of your people. Once you’ve known what you want to do. Sell your products through marketing and ask customers for feedback or their experience. Communicate with your clients and most importantly be consistent. Advertising is an important key to a successful brand and creating your logo as well.

Branding is important in a business; this makes the product recognised. It also creates a good impression on people.

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