How to Look Glamorous During Game Day

Nothing beats the thrill of tailgating on a Sunday afternoon or crowding around the screen before the big game for football enthusiasts. Football, culture, and tradition are all connected, which is why many football-crazed fans dress up for the big game. Whether or not you enjoy football, figuring out an outfit for a game can provide you with an excuse to play and experiment with different attire.

Even though bleacher seats are far from a runway, a sports arena isn’t without style. Whether you’re an NFL fan or not, there are a plethora of ways to look fabulous while watching the game. We’ve come up with several outfit ideas to show it.

We looked into glamorous outfits that will enable you to show your team spirit without compromising on style—no matter what team you’re rooting for. From looking glamorous on a budget and a chic way to incorporate your team’s football jersey into your outfit to casual and cool ensembles, you can wear well into overtime; take a look below to see them all. You may want to avoid being around long haired cats that shed as well. 

Neutral Knows Best

Even if you aren’t cheering for any of the teams, you can still enjoy the commercials and snacks. Wearing a warm ivory ensemble is the perfect solution. Cashmere paired with sherpa-lined shoes makes for a cozy look that’s still stylish.


At a football game, you can’t go wrong with prep-inspired attire. Preppy clothes have a long history of being associated with sporting events, dating back to when Ivy League students liked sailing, rugby, lacrosse, and fencing.

Consider wearing an athletic dress in your team’s colors for a preppy-chic vibe. Combine it with classic sneakers to create a cute look ideal for tailgating or cheering from the stands.

Keep It Classic and Cute

All a girl wants is a cute and classic ensemble for game day attire. We’re talking about the traditional game-day attire: a pair of stylish sneakers, a nice pair of denim shorts, and a t-shirt. Put on a baseball cap, some football eye black stickers, and maybe some glitter, and you’ve got yourself a no-fuss ensemble that you can dress up in a million different ways.

The best part about the stylish and comfy design is that it doesn’t get in the way of any tailgate fun. Your traditional wardrobe will never slow you down, whether you’re heading up to the stadium or setting up your tailgate before everyone arrives.

The Glamourous Look

Do you wish to look your best for the big game? Consider donning a shirt dress in your favorite team’s colors for a classy yet spirited look. Choose a pair of elegant heels and keep a pair of more practical shoes in your purse (aching and sore feet are a sure way to ruin your game day experience).

Find a dress made of performance fabrics if you’ll be spending a lot of time outside. Thanks to moisture-wicking materials and UV protection, these game-day dresses have your back from tailgating to kickoff and beyond.

Do you wish to boost your team’s morale? Pair your outfit with a stylish jean jacket that features your team’s fight song or emblem on the back.

Sweatsuit Nation

Why stop now, after a year of matching sets? Snack sessions, half-time shows, and first downs all call for a dusty lavender attire combined with a cream-toned Carhartt hat and cheerful sneakers.

Cool Casual

Do you prefer a more laid-back look that doesn’t go overboard with game-day zeal? Wear a lovely pair of sandals and women’s khaki shorts with an off-the-shoulder blouse in your team’s colors. This design is not only extremely adaptable, but it will also keep you cool during the first several games of the season.

Try adding some finishing touches to your attire, such as game day accessories, if you want to demonstrate a bit extra team pride. For example, a smart pair of sunglasses with colored lenses in your team’s colors or a sleek watch can help you stand out.

Jersey Girl

People can slam large football jerseys for looking sloppy all they want since many of them do, but that’s only because they’re wearing them incorrectly.

The first approach to style a football jersey is to dress it up (just make sure it’s long enough) and match it with a lovely pair of white Vans (wearing cowgirl boots could also work). Wear some spandex shorts beneath so you can play tailgate games, jump around, and do a keg stand, among other things.

Buying a crop top football shirt and pairing it with a high-waisted skirt or high-waisted pants is another option to wear a football jersey. The high-waisted bottoms are essential since they allow you to show off a bit of midriff without looking trashy.

The Fashion Rules for Game Day

It’s not a terrible idea to give your game day attire some thought. You’ll need an attire that’s stylish, easy to move in (dresses that are too tight are a no-no), and full of team pride for the big game. You want to put on something that is both practical and fashionable. Let’s go through a couple of fashion dos on game day:

Leave Your Expensive Jewelry at Home

Nothing is more frustrating than losing your valuable jewelry in a stadium.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Keep your footwear practical if you don’t want sore, aching feet after the game. Another piece of advice (based on painful experience): don’t wear brand new shoes to the game for the first time.

Pick Your Handbag Carefully

In recent years, some college stadiums have imposed strict regulations restricting purse types and sizes. Before selecting a handbag, make sure you know the stadium’s rules.

Start carrying a clear stadium handbag made for stadiums and concerts if you want to be secure. This way, you’ll always be able to get through the gates with all of your must-have game-day items.

Football season has arrived. There’s nothing else like it anywhere else on the planet; the raucous shouts, tight rivalries, and battle songs that are never boring.

Football is, at its foundation, a cultural event, and we enjoy dressing up for it. This season, these game-day attires are sure to gain huge style points. They’re fashionable, functional, and full of team spirit. What more could you want from a game-day ensemble? 

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