Puma Thunder Desert collection

“Dad shoes” are on their way back to the new millennium and it seems we can’t get enough of them! Puma joins the trend (and rekindles the enthusiasm for these dad shoes) and some of the notable releases they have done this 2018 is another line of chunky silhouettes, the Puma Thunder Desert collection.

The term “dad shoe” can be defined as any type of footwear that is better known for its function and utility rather than aesthetics. But these dad shoes of late have proven to be a lot more fashionable than ever, so that adds to their versatility. While the “dad shoe” trend had been there for a while, it did not become a norm until early the 2010’s when the trend began to enjoy a comeback. As years went by, the “dad shoe” has managed to do away its former dull image and reinvented itself as an exciting type of footwear.

Another, women have started to wear sneakers to shake off the traditional notion that wearing sneakers are purely a masculine thing. With the high heels beginning to take a second fiddle, along with the #MeToo movement, the footwear for women has become more varied and exciting. In fact, the Puma Thunder Desert also offers a line of sneakers for women.In contrast to the the bold colors and metallic elements of the Puma Thunder Spectra which are reminiscent of the 90s sneakers, the Puma Thunder Desert takes on a more subdued tonal approach. As the name implies, the colors of of the Puma Thunder Desert sneakers allude to the tones of the desert or dusk.

These low-top shoes shed the loud colors of the past Puma Thunder iterations and instead come with more desert/dusk tones which make them easier to match with any type of casual ensemble. The upper consists of suede for a touch of sophistication and leather overlays for additional durability, protection and character.

While the Puma Thunder Desert has an obviously bulky and chunky profile, the subtle color palette has made it as a potential fashion force. In fact, several social media influences have demonstrated on how the Puma Thunder Desert can be really trendy by posting photos on Instagram, strutting the chunky shoes to match with their outfits.

As typical with the dad shoe, the Puma Thunder Desert features a chunky, layered sole. It also features a pull tab on the tongue for an easy and comfortable wearing and taking off. The thick IMEVA midsole provides incredible cushion for comfort and court feel. The front-up lace closure has rope-like laces for a more secure and snug fit.

The Puma Thunder Desert collection is available in several colorways, such as Black and White for men, as well as Beige and Mint (for women).

Puma Thunder Desert “Black”

Release date: August 9, 2018

Style code: 367997-04

Color: Puma Black/Puma Black/Puma Black

Puma Thunder Desert “White”

Release date: August 9, 2018

Style code: 367997-03

Color: Bright White/Gray Violet/Puma White

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