Stylish Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes

Whether you’re going for an affordable and minimalistic look, a premium Converse, or a classic, it doesn’t get any more iconic than the Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. There’s one for everyone in this globe, no really. Introduced first in the 1900s, the popular silhouette is no longer admired just for offering versatile hoop sneakers; they’ve become an all-round street favorite today. Classic colorway, a low- or high-top, or a limited edition collaboration – these sturdy yet simple kicks are a must buy for frugal sneaker connoisseurs and serious fashionistas alike.

However, anyone who’s looked for these sneakers before is aware; there are almost a countless number of choices out there. But that’s no reason to give up your hunt for the ideal Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. Here’s a list of the best Chuck Taylors Converse out there on the market.

A Note On Chuck Taylor Sizing: Most of the Chuck Taylor All-Starts are “unisex”, implying that whatever you see in size, they’ll offer you the women’s and men’s size for that particular pair. Also, the official site says they produce a shoes half a size larger than your normal pair. So if you are a size 10, the Converse size would be 9.5.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

This is Converse’s most popular Chuck Taylor. It has excellent durability, durable construction, and a classic look. Its benefit is that its color stays bright, and the classic look doesn’t go out of fashion. In addition, the Canvas upper holds up and cleans well to tough dirt and wear. However, you may get slight discomfort in your arch if you’ve never worn a converse before.

What makes it stand out?

Its upper tongue features an All Star patch, and the top cap plus white rubber sidewall finishes off the timeless look.

Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor All Star Core High Top

The shoe is a classic high top with an All-Star logo and a contrast stitching. It has a style and appearance that won’t fade away as time goes on. The fabric upper is easy to maintain and clean, and the color stays bright and shiny even after prolonged wear. However, as in the case of most Chuck Taylors, the arch support may not be apparent if this is going to be your first Converse shoe. Also, the sizes of the All Star Core Hi go a bit long.

What makes it stand out?

The classic quality and color, along with the vulcanized rubber sole, define an iconic look that have been previously donned by artists, originals, rappers, rockers, rebels, and dreamers. It’s the perfect Converse to buy for celebrate personal self-expression and individual personality.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather High Top Sneaker

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather High Top Sneaker stands out because of certain features: the textured leather upper (100% leather) and the classic look. The features ensure that the user’s feet feel heated and giving them a rocker appearance. In addition, you get the timeless Chuck Taylor features: metal eyelets, rubber sole (vulcanized) and of course the “star logo” on the side of the ankle. However, some users have said that it has a narrow front.

What makes it stand out?

The 100% leather upper and the padded insole ensures that your feet stay warm in the winters without compromising on quality and style.

Converse Men’s Street Canvas Mid Top Sneaker

This Chuck Taylor has its own unique style with the subtle Chuck Taylor branding. With its mid-top configuration and durable canvas material you will surely look in style. Its also comfortable with an eva insole for cushioning and easy slip on and off tongue.

What makes it stand out?

The elasticated back and the all-in comfort ensures that you stay comfortable all day long without compromising your appearance from head to toe.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker

This is one of the latest Converse Chuck Taylor shoe model available in the market. The Chuck Taylor classic sports flat laces and the along with the highly-popular ankle patch. In maroon, standout hues, the classic design has never been more appealing. The latest model also boasts a durable outsole, and the ortholitee insole adds to the cushioning.

What makes it stand out?

It’s a lace up, high top sneaker made with the finest quality materials.

Final Verdict

For those who take their Chuck Taylors seriously or just want a cool fashion style, this guide will serve as a go-to resource for the best options out there. Go through the list to see what options you could possibly spend your money on. Also, feel free to share it with other Converse Chuck Taylor lovers out there. Start Chucking it!

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