Top 5 Shooting Guards For The 2022-23 Season

Let’s think about the NBA, for a moment. The 2022-2023 season is looking pretty hot, and while there are plenty of important players on the basketball court, the shooting guard is pretty key!

There are plenty of great shooting guards out there, but these are the guys who make a difference, and who could be making a massive difference for 2022-2023 gameplay. We start with Devin Booker, and look who the following 4 players are, who could change the odds.

If you’re looking to place a bet on any of these guards to get the opening basket in their next game, or if you think they might be up for the MVP, then make sure you check out the best odds available before placing your bet.

So, who is the top dog in the NBA shooting guard post?

1. Devin Booker

As we said, Devin Booker is top tier. We wonder if the losses to Dallas in the Semifinals of the Western Conference was something of a wake-up for the Suns, or perhaps it was a start of a decline.

Well, the NBA has shown us many things, but one of these is that major upsets in the playoffs can often motivate a player/team to become a bit more hardcore, or it can cause them to spiral and fade away.

With how competitive Booker has started showing he can be, we would wager that it is actually the latter, he will likely be at the top of the MVP list all year!

2. Jaylen Brown

Then we have Jaylen Brown. He does not often get the credit he deserves. So many people will have Tatum topping their charts right now, but Brown never seems to make it.

Everyone seems to forget just how critical he was to Boston last year, you could even argue that he was their best player in last year’s postseason.

If the Celtics had ended up beating the Warriors, he would have been named the MVP of the Finals.

Since he also scored over 20 points in 4 out of the 6 total games, and made an incredible 34 in the finale, we do not see why he should be left out!

3. Anthony Edwards

Edwards is only 21 years old, and he is something of a bucket. So, it really would not be all that much of a surprise if he led the league in scoring this year, or next year, or countless successive years.

He managed to pull together an impressive 40+ points on 3 occasions last season, as well as building up a beautiful 49 points against the Spurs in the game on April 7th.

It might not be all that important, especially now Rudy Gobert, a 3 time over DPOY on duty for the paint, but we will see if his defense, as well as his play making can be just what the team needs for him to be a future GOAT.

4. Donovan Mitchell

The Cavs did put an awful lot up on the line when they wanted Mitchell, who is a 3 time over All-Star NBA player with the Jazz. It goes without question that getting their hands on him really showed off Cleveland’s attempts to get back into contention once more.

Mitchell is the core of four, including himself, Allen, Garland, and Mobley, together there is a chance to be something really special, but it is still yet to be seen if any of them are true A* quality.

Aside from the 2004 Pistons, pretty much every other team in the history league had an A*(+) players in their makeup. Will Mitchell help to make that happen for the Cavs?

5. Zach LaVine

It’s a small bit surprising that LaVine and DeRozan meshed so well together last year, in spite of how they are both premier isolation scorers.

This is because it is not totally unlikely that two very prolific scorers will get in one another’s way.

So, for the Bulls to get anything on the rest of the Elites in the Eastern Conference, they need both LaVine and DeRozan to light up the court on offense. However, defense is a need as well, and there is a massive need for a build on this aspect of their play.

Last year they ranked at 23rd in their defense in the league. It could be worse, true, but it could also be much, much better. There is potential, but also room for improvement.

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