10 Most Important Betting Tips for The Upcoming Qatar World Cup

Finally, one of the most anticipated tournaments ever kicks off in less than two months! Isn’t it unbelievable that the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be the first in history to be held in the Middle East? This indeed came as a surprise to many, with only a few people expecting it. The grand stage is set in Qatar, and the 32 qualifying teams will strive to take the glorious World Cup trophy back home.

Since the tournament is an all-stars affair, most people will look forward to watching it and even betting on it. To prepare in advance, you can start checking the World Cup 2022 betting schedule because it’s never too early.

With most teams having strong squads, you’ll also need some tips to inform your bet choices. Otherwise, you might end up without a single win.

Top sportsbooks already have several World Cup betting options available and will, later on, add even more markets. If you haven’t decided which betting site you’ll place your bets on, you can check out this Sports Interaction Review to see what this top site offers.

Onto the betting tips that will give you that upper hand when wagering on the Qatar World Cup 2022.

1. Look At the Tactics of Both Teams

Ensuring you are familiar with each team’s tactics will help you refine your betting predictions. Every team has tactics put together by coaches, such as a strong defence, short or long passing, or even counterattacks. Depending on which teams are playing, one tactic can have an advantage over the other, resulting in a win.

2. Study The Form of Key Players

Before betting on a match, it’s important to study the form of top players from each team as they’ll be depended on the most. These players are critical in deciding the odds of whether a team will win or not. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal or Lionel Messi for Argentina. If they play well, the team plays well.

3. Analyze The Form of Both Sides

As the competition starts and most teams are on their fourth or fifth matches, you can tell how their form is. Some teams end up pulling a surprise despite having top players. Remember Spain in the 2014 World Cup? So make sure you check stats such as the overall goals scored by a team, clean sheets, attempts on goal and win/loss record.

4. Check The Team Lineups

Sometimes people make bets without checking the team’s lineup and end up regretting it in the end. A coach might come up with a strategy and change the lineup altogether, leaving out key players. To avoid this, always check the lineups of both teams to know who is playing or not. You can place all your hopes on a star player only for him to be benched or not play because of an injury.

5. Head-To-Head Results

When placing a bet, looking at the head-to-head results between the two teams is a wise move. With this, you will have a rough idea of how the teams match each other. For example, the head-to-head results of Portugal vs Germany show that the latter has more wins. So if they happen to clash again, chances are Germany will win.

6. The Physiological Aspect of The Fixture

This is one of the best betting tips because it requires no effort or research at all. All you need to do is sit back and know which team is superior to the other in terms of performance. For some reason, the inferior team is usually demotivated with the mentality that they don’t have to win. Playing against former World Cup champions France or highest World Cup winners, Brazil, will send a chill down the opponent’s spine.

7. Avoid Win/Lose Bets

Pointing out a win/lose outcome of a World Cup match can be difficult because most teams are highly rated. Instead, you can go for other bets like total goals or halftime/full-time outcomes, which are easier to make.

8. Claim Free Bets

Most betting sites will offer a welcome bonus or promotion as an incentive for their customers. With free bets or bonuses, you can place bets with extra money and potentially win. It’s a good way to make the most of your betting experience from a sportsbook.

9. Place Live Bets

To place more informed bets, you can wait until the match starts so you can place bets in real time. Once the game begins, you can clearly see which team has the best form by looking at stats like shots on target or red cards.

10. Consider the Odds

If you are completely clueless about which bet to make, you can always consider the odds a match has been given by different bookmakers. Chances are, the team with the smallest odds is most likely to win. But at times, surprises do happen, and the big odds win the day.