The Best Sneaker Brands for Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, today’s sneaker manufacturers have got you covered. Next time you browse a Puma sneaker sale or any other shoe sale or blowout, check out the following five brands for their sneakers for wide feet. 1. Adidas Adidas’ naturally wide footbed makes the brand a great choice when … Read more

Interesting Facts About Basketball You May Not Know

Basketball is a very popular team sport where two teams with five players each try to score points by shooting a ball through the basketball hoop. Many people love to play basketball for a lot of reasons. In fact, even those who don’t like it that much can play it occasionally. It … Read more

Unusual Basketball Rules You Never Knew Existed

Unusual Basketball Rules You Never Knew Existed

Basketball is one of the most beloved sports not just in the United States (where the game originated) but also in most parts of the world. This popular sport enjoys millions of followers and has also turned into lucrative cash cow, attracting throngs of advertisers and netting billions of dollars each year. … Read more

Basketball Protective Gear

Basketball Protective Gear

In fast-paced contact sports like basketball, injuries are almost entirely difficult to avoid. However, using the right protective gear can help in minimizing or preventing the chances of injuries. This article lists the most common types of basketball protective equipment that every baller should use. 1. Basketball sneakers Yes, sneakers may be … Read more

15 Interesting NBA Facts

The NBA is one of the most famous sports leagues in the whole world. Kids everywhere dream of being the next Lebron James or Stephen Curry and living out their hoop dreams. Here are a few facts about NBA that you will find interesting as a basketball fan. #1 Banned Air Jordan … Read more

History of the Basketball (the actual ball)

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When you visit a sports shop, you will see different basketball brands as well as designs. Basketballs also come in different sizes depending on the age groups that will use them. In the present time, most of the basketballs are inflatable and made from leather, rubber, or a synthetic composite. The traditional … Read more

Best LIGHTWEIGHT Basketball Shoes : Feel Lightning Quick with these Picks!

Drive Highlight

Some players prefer wearing heavier, wider shoes whenever they’re crashing the courts. Others prefer a more lightweight option that feels minimal, super quick, responsive, mobile and cloud-light on their feet. Those lightweight shoes allow these players to run past the defenders and execute a near-flawless fastbreak. For those who are seeking the … Read more

The Most COMFORTABLE Basketball Shoes: My Top Picks!

The Most COMFORTABLE Basketball Shoes: My Top Picks!

Today we’re looking at the most comfortable basketball shoes. Comfort is without question the #1 aspect to look for when it comes to choosing a shoe. The rest doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit right. So that’s what my list is about. As usual, six shoes. This will give you a starting point, … Read more

Do Basketball Shoes Make You JUMP HIGHER?

Do Basketball Shoes Make You Jump Higher?

Today I want to talk about a topic that some people bring up from time to time. I want to explain something for you all with my PERSONAL opinion. You don’t have to take this as from an expert (because I’m not), but I think my take on this should help you. … Read more

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

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When it comes to buying the best outdoor basketball shoes, there are several factors you need to consider. Not every basketball shoe out there is supposed to be a perfect fit. It depends on your position as well as your playing style. Plus, selecting the right pair is crucial for stability, control, … Read more

LOW Basketball Shoes vs HIGH TOPS: What to Choose?

Low Basketball Shoes vs High Tops: What to Choose?

The famous battle people always bring up is low basketball shoes vs high tops. What should you choose? What about the ones in between? So today we will be talking exactly about that and I will try to answer most of these concerns. We will be going through these topics: differences between … Read more