What are the Different Types of Basketball Padding Gear?

basketball players wearing different kinds of protective equipment

Basketball is a very physical sport, so some players would often protect themselves from injuries by wearing protective gear on various parts of their bodies. The protective gear is composed of numerous pieces of equipment that are designed to shield body parts against the impact that occurs when falling on the basketball …

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Steph Curry: The Ultimate Warrior

Steph Curry The Ultimate Warrior

The meteoric rise of the Golden State Warriors has changed the modern NBA for the better. Thanks to a skilled coach in Steve Kerr and a top-tier lineup, they burst onto the court in 2015 to beat not just their own franchise’s records, but also all-time NBA records too. Of the Warriors’ …

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Who Have Been The Top Basketball Players From Australia

Andrew Bogut

Surprisingly, even Australia has had quite a few really good NBA players. Since the 1970s, Australians have quietly become a hotbed of basketball. The Australians never got a medal at the Olympics, so they failed to reach the same level as the United States or some European countries. On the other hand, …

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Popular Basketball Players in the 1970s

Julius Erving performing a slam dunk

The 1970s was an exciting time for basketball lovers as it saw the merger of two great basketball rivals, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the American Basketball Association (ABA). The two teams were neither equal nor comparable and had entirely different concepts of basketball. This merger brought together players from two …

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Who Are the Milwaukee Bucks?

Who Are the Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks are known as one of the top teams within the NBA. It’s a team that has seen its fair share of success in recent years. They are known for playing attractive and exciting basketball. Over the years, they have seen many talented players come and go. This season, The …

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5 Greatest Basketball Players Still Alive

5 greatest basketball players alive

The death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi took the basketball family and the world at large by storm. What remains, however, is the fact that Kobe goes down in history as one of the greatest basketball players the world ever had. While mere figures cannot define him, we must admit …

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The biggest professional basketball leagues outside of the NBA

SOURCE: Photo It goes without saying that the NBA is the most popular professional basketball league on the planet. It’s where anyone who’s anyone in basketball strives to play in, at least once in their career. In the 2017-18 NBA season, all 30 NBA teams combined generated around $8 billion in revenue, …

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Introduction to the Top Basketball Leagues Outside the USA

The Olympics remind us that basketball is really a global game. And although the NBA is the most well-known professional basketball league, kids in other parts of the world dream to be part of their local basketball leagues as well. In fact, the number of NBA stars who have transferred from the …

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