Basketball Protective Gear

In fast-paced contact sports like basketball, injuries are almost entirely difficult to avoid. However, using the right protective gear can help in minimizing or preventing the chances of injuries. This article lists the most common types of basketball protective equipment that every baller should use.

1. Basketball sneakers

Yes, sneakers may be a no-brainer. However, you should know exactly the needs of your feet before going out and buying a pair, or else you’d end up purchasing shoes that do not fit well, slip frequently and do not have the kind of traction that you want, among many others.

The foot is the most abused part of the body as it suffers a host of injuries such as fatigue, ankle sprains, strains, joint pains, fractured toes, and a lot more. That’s why choosing the right kind of basketball sneakers is the key to a complete protection and comfort to your feet, while delivering the ultimate court performance that you want.

2. Knee and elbow pads

They are padded covering for the knees and elbows to protect them from abrasions, bruises and wounds especially when the play gets rough and intense. These pads will also protect the knees and elbows during a fall.

3. Mouthguard

You won’t be able to flash that victory smile if your mouth suffers a minor cut after that tense fight for the looseball. Or worse, you may lose a tooth or two and suffer bleeding gums. Basketball is an intense contact sport, so it’s better to wear a mouthguard than nothing at all. There are standard sizes, although you can also customize them.

4. Compression garments

You may have seen many basketball players wearing another piece of clothing under their shorts. They look like the usual tights, but they are more appropriately called compression garments. Players use compression garments to prevent certain parts of their bodies from getting injured, to keep their bodies warm and to promote good circulation especially on the legs.

5. Kinesio tape

Haves you seen those weird tapes on the bodies of many basketball players and other athletes? Have you wondered what they are and what are their main use? These are called elastic therapeutic tapes or more popularly known as Kinesio tapes (they are also called by other terms such as kinesiology tape, K-tape or KT). This is the type of adhesive designed to treat pain, soreness, fatigue or disability from certain injuries. It also provides stability and support to the joints and muscles without inhibiting the body’s natural movements.

If you are looking instant relief from pain and soreness as you are strutting your stuff on the court, the Kinesio tape is the one you need.

6. Safety glasses or goggles

Safety glasses or goggles are designed to keep or protect a player’s eye area from getting hit or scratched by another player (especially when trying to grab the ball). NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was among the first to wear safety goggles and even made them a fashion statement.

There may be no strict rules imposed by any basketball league regarding protective gear. Nevertheless, it’s better to come to the hard court wearing any (or all) of these protective equipment to minimize or prevent injuries. In any sports such as basketball, safety and prevention should be a top priority. Here are some tips to find the best orthopedic doctor to treat your injury.