Why Basketball is Useful for a Child

children basketball

Encouraging your kids to pick up a sport could be one of the best things you can do for them. It can help them extensively in developing life skills psychologically as well as physically.  You can introduce your child to any sports which the child chooses. Or you can also ease them … Read more

Learn about the Interesting History of the 3-Point Shot

Boy trying to score a basket

Reflections of games through the years, starting from their invention to now, while the essence of the game has been retained, a lot else has changed. The changes might not be on a foundation level, but they have managed to change how the game is played and viewed. One such addition to … Read more

The Amazing History of the European Football Championship

Players playing soccer in a stadium full of people

Soccer is the most popular ball game in the world in terms of participants and spectators. It is the most-watched sport, attracting an average of 3.2 billion viewers according to audience data from official coverage of the FIFA World Cup. This makes it the most-watched live event on television in the world … Read more

Guide to Basketball Arm Sleeves

The Kunto Fitness Compression Support Sleeve

While playing basketball, some players like to wear sleeves on their knees, arms, legs, or calves. This might not be a necessary part of the gear required for the game, but it’s a trend that also has some benefits for players.  Basketball arms sleeves are especially an increasingly common sight for both … Read more

Guide to Basketball Leg Sleeves

A basketball player wearing a leg sleeve on the court

As a serious basketball player, you have to select your gear with great care. With the right equipment and accessories, a player might be better equipped to make the right play or at least feel more confident about doing well on the court. What’s more, the correct basketball gear will also help … Read more

The Amazing History of the Asian Cup Soccer Tournament

A panoramic view of a football stadium

Soccer, or football, is one of the most popular sports around the world, and it might stay this way as the sport gains admiration. In the wake of a global realization about the importance of sports, careers in sports, and the infinite talent that a myriad of people have, more opportunities have … Read more

The Amazing History of the World Cup Soccer Tournament

a person holding the flag of Brazil and wearing a shirt saying “Robinho.”

The World Cup, previously FIFA World Cup, is one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world. Every tournament draws billions of television viewers, making it the most popular sporting event around the world. Before the World Cup, the summer Olympics football tournament was given the most importance. However, in the 1920s, … Read more

The History Of Basketball At The YMCA

Basketball in greyscale photo

The history of basketball began with its invention in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts by Canadian physical education instructor James Naismith. It was introduced as a sport less prone to injury than football. Naismith, was a 31-year-old graduate student when he created indoor sport to keep athletes exercising indoors during the winters. The … Read more

Who Have Been The Top Basketball Players From Australia

Andrew Bogut

Surprisingly, even Australia has had quite a few really good NBA players. Since the 1970s, Australians have quietly become a hotbed of basketball. The Australians never got a medal at the Olympics, so they failed to reach the same level as the United States or some European countries. On the other hand, … Read more

Benefits of Compression Shorts When Playing Basketball

Players in shorts on the basketball court

Playing basketball or any similar sport is great exercise, but it can also take a toll on our body. This is why we’re supposed to have the correct gear and clothing while playing certain games. With basketball, we usually see the pros wear loose clothes that leave the arms and legs mostly … Read more

The Fascinating History of the Slam Dunk

A basketball player about to make a shot

Fans of basketball are always thrilled by a slam dunk play. It’s one of the most elevating, exciting plays of the game; some of the best examples of it even seem to shun gravity. Even if a viewer just watches the highlight reels of any basketball game, the slam dunk is always … Read more