10 Stunning Future Sports That Would Keep You Enthralled

As the world is advancing everything is evolving with it. We played different sports when we were kids now the Alpha-Gen sports and games are completely different. So much has changed in the last 10 years and it will keep changing as technology encircles the world. 

We are entering the next decade and it is nice to look forward to discoveries. Most of the sports and sports-tech was just an imagination before and later developed, we can make bold predictions about what to expect in the next or next-next decade. Let’s have a look at 10 anticipated cool sports that can take place in near or far-future. 


According to sports news, the rate at which the E-sport industry is growing has gained the interest of many mammoth corporations around the globe. This sport connects both Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha. The easy accessibility of e-sport has brought the world closer. You just need a computer and internet to play with anyone anywhere in the world. 

Some people might not want to give E-sports the status of “Sport” but it requires skills, focus, determination, and strategy just like a regular sport. The E-sport players work out and maintain a high fitness level. E-sport industry has seen colossal development generating billions of dollars surpassing the revenue of leagues. The international Olympics committee might consider making E-sport a part Olympics after recognizing its popularity around the globe.

Robots will be dominating the sports

In December, the Associated Press revealed that the Major League Umpires Association consented to help out the turn of events and testing of a robotized ball-strike framework. The change of each umpire’s strike zone and the development of moment replay across sports news have enhanced the discussion concerning robot umpires and whether they’re the eventual fate of baseball directing. Beta testing will be happening in the autonomous Atlantic game. Starting from one game, the developers will keep enhancing it by installing powerful tracking software and programming it to lead the sports industry. 

VR sports

Virtual reality is New-Reality. The augmented reality is now used for varied purposes, from psychological treatments to teaching, from sports to entertainment. It is very much understandable if we see the VR interface in each sport soon. If we dig deeper into the world of virtual-reality it might transform the games completely. Just like today, old games like, snooker, chess, and darts have been dominated by VR, is indicating that Virtual-reality will unlock its full potential.

Lunar Golfing

The epic moment of history was when mankind stepped foot on the moon. In 1971 when Alan Shepard the commander of the Apollo 14 and spent 9 hours on the moon exploring the surface, he legendarily knocked a couple of golf-balls with a 6-iron he had snuck in his spacesuit. Due to the lower gravitational pull of the moon’s surface he was able to drive the golf ball further away more than the professionals on earth could ever do.

This was a seed of reality that drove investors into thinking about Lunar-Tourism, offering golf trips on the land of the moon. It can be one of the coolest sports in far-future.

Iceberg Jumping

As the polar districts keep on heating up melting the snow-covered mountain peaks, it has grasped the attention of travelers; the Arctic associations have observed a noticeable change in tourism due to climate change.   

Combine the upsurge of tourists with the increment in ice floes as gigantic bergs separate in the hotter temperatures, and the extraordinary game of iceberg-jumping appears to be everything except unavoidable.

Metropolitan surfing

Not all people could go to the beach whenever they want. Many surfing-enthusiasts living in metropolitan cities wait for holidays to go to the beach and surf to their heart’s content. Some organizations have been working on locating the right places within major cities for the surfer-communities. The economic decline has put the projects on hold for a while but shortly it is expected to find the surfing facilities with sandy-beach like atmosphere and, wave pools tossing 6 foot high waves within big cities.

High-tech Hoverboards

Hover-board has been a long-awaited dream of every surfer and skateboarder since the release of the legendary movie “Back to the Future II”. It is anticipated that wait will be over soon as the information has been appearing in bits and pieces on different forums that the French artist along with developers is experimenting on the high-tech versions of hover-boards getting ready for another cool future sport.

Racing in flying cars

Car racing is one of the oldest but still thriving sport. It has been evolving but the future might unveil a brand new level of car racing. The flying cars might just be the first of these energizing new tech-sports that you get the chance to participate in. The prototype of the flying car which is coined as Roadable-Aircraft exists. One of these prototypes has just taken its first flight and accomplished up to 65 mph and takes about 30seconds to convert into an aircraft. Once the prototype is improved and perfected the race-flying-cars will be the next step.

Soccer Off the earth

Soccer being the heart-throb sports for the whole world might change its face in the future. The sports news has observed that scientists have been experimenting with the idea of Low-Gravity soccer to be played “Off” the earth and they managed to construct a football that might be suitable in low-gravity. They equipped it with gyroscopes that compensate for the dearth of gravitational pull. 


Gasping at the space-dive in the Star Trek movie has made everyone wish to experience it in reality. Space diving or space jumping is an act of jumping from the Karman line, where the atmosphere of space starts. A handful of most daring people have tried to space-dive and some of them were successful. These jumps were performed from within the atmosphere of the earth yet higher jumps from thermosphere are yet to be accomplished.

The wait is long but the future sports will surely be cooler than the ones we have now.