11 Best Basketball Shoes of 2015!

Even though 2016 is pretty much halfway, last year was INCREDIBLE for ball players. So that’s why I’m going to talk about the 11 best basketball shoes of 2015!

I have full reviews of all these shoes, so click on the name if you’re interested. I’ve categorized all the shoes into performance aspects, you’ll see. Alright, here are the 11 best basketball shoes of 2015!  Also, keep in mind that if you’ve had any kind of ankle injuries, you may need to consider shoes with ankle support.

Best Overall #1 – Nike ZOOM LeBron Soldier 9

My Rating: 9.5/10 | Weight: 14.6 oz | Type: Mid-High Top

With my given rating of 9.5, these LeBron’s beat their primary signatures, the LeBron 13, in almost every way. They have kick-ass support, great traction, solid cushioning, solid durability and with all that, they’re affordable.

Featuring two ZOOM AIR units that work great, FLYWIRE, dynamic straps for 360-degree support and even outdoor capability.

This is an option you should seriously consider.

Best Overall #2 – adidas D Rose 6 Boost

My Rating: 9/10 | Weight: 17 oz | Type: Mid Top

Another very affordable model, made by Derrick Rose, features arguably the best BOOST cushioning yet, great traction, court feel and a beautiful, premium build quality that’s made to last.

The Rose 6 Boost has a variety of different editions that differ in materials – you can pick whatever you like – mesh, leather, suede or Primeknit. StableFrame along with NON-MARKING outsole also do their job well enough to make this shoe a contender for the best basketball shoe of 2015.

Best Overall #3 – Under Armour Curry Two

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 14 oz | Type: Mid Top

This wasn’t a surprise, as the Curry One was great. So what’s better? The improved Curry Two’s. They have top-three level traction, unbelievable fit with super soft materials, great support features and responsive Charged cushioning.

They’re not really capable outdoors and MicroG is considerably better than Charged, but the pro’s of the Curry Two make them one of the best basketball shoes in 2015.

Best Cushion – adidas D Rose 6 Boost

My Rating: 9/10 | Weight: 17 oz | Type: Mid Top

Yep, it’s on the list again. adidas’s fairly new boost cushioning material revolutionized sports shoes – and the D Rose 6 is the true example. It has hands down, the best cushioning yet, which is responsive, super bouncy and soft, very stable and has lots of impact protection.

If you’re looking for great cushioning or maybe feel your shoes are too firm – the D Rose 6 Boost is the answer.

Best Traction – Nike Kyrie 2

My Rating: 9/10 | Weight: 13.6 oz | Type: Mid Top

This shoe has unbelievable traction. The outsole even looks aggressive and it’s made to withstand movements in any direction, anywhere. No matter the court dirtiness, no matter if you’re indoors or outdoors.

It’s made of high-quality durable rubber compound that will last for a long time, even outdoors.

Be aware that they’re solely made for guards, who have a very low to the ground playstyle. Kyrie 2’s have almost no cushion, so bigger players might have some problems with it.

Best Support – Under Armour Clutchfit Drive Highlight 2

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 14.4 oz | Type: High Top

You can right away tell that the high top ankle design is going to provide support. And indeed it does.

The materials are flexible enough for movements, features a TPU heel counter and a great sole base. If you’re rolling ankles every two seconds, go with the Clutchfit Drive’s.

Best Comfort – Under Armour Curry Two

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 14 oz | Type: Mid Top

Now this is the aspect that could be completely different for everybody, so picking a winner here is hard to do. From my perspective, the Curry Two’s offer awesome comfort.

Their extremely soft and loose upper makes the feet blend in so nicely, it almost feels like a sock. They’re not too heavy, have great all-around performance and are well-balanced for quick players. I think they deserve to be in the best comfort category in 2015.  They also offer some pretty good ankle support to reduce the risks of injury.

Best Price vs. Quality – Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 12.4 oz | Type: Low Top

These shoes have surprised many people with their amazing all-around performance.

Great traction, durability for mesh, effective FLYWIRE implementation and awesome comfort that compensates the decent support features and not so effective cushioning. Overall, the amount of good stuff the shoes offer, they’re worth every penny.

Best Durability – Nike LeBron 13

My Rating: 8/10 | Weight: 16 oz | Type: Mid-High Top

The LeBron 13’s have a FLYWIRE layer, a mesh layer on top of it and HyperPosite reinforcing the mesh to prevent deforming and wearing down.

That’s pretty crazy, along with the fact that the shoe is great in the rest of the aspects. You will not have to worry about someone stepping on you or playing outdoors. The LeBron 13 is one the best basketball shoes of 2015.

Best for Outdoors – Nike Kyrie 2

My Rating: 9/10 | Weight: 13.6 oz | Type: Mid Top

Due to the crazy traction, court feel and top-notch build quality of the sole’s rubber pattern makes the shoe more than viable outdoors.

The extremely durable upper is also perfect for long outdoor play and support is very strong.

If you can live with that firm cushion, then this is 2015’s #1 outdoor option.

I hope you found this list useful of the best tennis shoes. Like always, I appreciate your support, so drop a comment below if you have any questions, suggestions or anything else. What were your favorite shoes out of these categories?

Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you! 🙂