12 Famous Basketball Players Who Smoke Weed

Which Basketball Players Smoke Weed?

There was once a time not long ago when professional athletes who consumed marijuana were frowned upon. Did you know there are numerous basketball players that smoke weed? Like us regular citizens, these athletes enjoy lighting a blunt on occasion.

Athletes have reported various benefits of cannabis when playing sports. It helps calm their nerves, increases focus, and boosts motivation for the game.

Luckily, with the recent 2020 policy that the National Basketball Association implemented, players can smoke cannabis without judgment. The policy meant that the NBA would no longer test professional players for weed.

Players probably prefer getting the best sativa seeds. Why? Harvest these cultivars for a calm mind and uplifted spirits. Keep reading to find out which of your favorite basketball players enjoy smoking the fine herb.

Which Basketball Players Smoke Weed?

Thanks to the recent policy change, more professionals have been able to enjoy a joint without jeopardizing their careers. As more states legalize marijuana use, more NBA players speak openly about their love for the plant.

So, exactly who smokes in the NBA? Here are 12 of the most famous basketball players known for toking cannabis:

#1: Matt Barnes

You probably know him as one of the most vocal cannabis enthusiasts. Matt Barnes passionately advocates for marijuana use in professional sports. Of the NBA players who smoke weed, he was very open about it during his career.

Barnes retired at the end of 2017 after winning his first NBA championship ring that year. He said that he medicated with marijuana often during his career, but not for all of his games.

#2: J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith is another recent NBA retiree who enjoyed partaking in the leaves of glory before hitting the basketball court.

You may remember a particularly embarrassing moment for him—he forgot that the score was tied and missed the opportunity to win. Some fans speculate that he may have been high during this final game of the NBA 2018 finals.

#3: Larry Bird

Some basketball players that smoke weed inspired the naming of certain cannabis strains. One of them is Larry Bird. Although there’s no evidence of him smoking anything besides cigarettes, friends and teammates have told a different story.

His musician friend John Cougar Mellencamp describes how he used to enjoy celebrating with Larry Bird after games. How did they do this? With a joint of high-grade marijuana, of course.

#4: Steve Nash

Steve Nash played in the NBA for 18 seasons and won the award for Most Valuable Player twice. During his career, he wasn’t open about his cannabis use. After he retired, though, he admitted to being one of the NBA players smoking marijuana throughout his run.

#5: LeBron James

We can’t have this list without mentioning who many consider the best basketball player in history. You may have seen him celebrating a winning game by lighting up a cigar, but does LeBron James smoke weed?

He used to, at least. The answer isn’t clear whether LeBron has used weed often, but he did smoke it in high school. He also shared a story of smoking weed with his teammates in a hotel room.

#6: Cliff Robinson

Have you heard of Uncle Cliffy? It’s a cannabis company belonging to retired NBA star Cliff Robinson. He used to enjoy regular marijuana consumption during his career and thanked it for his success. So, it’s a no-brainer that he became a weed entrepreneur.

#7: Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is known as one of the controversial NBA players that smoke weed. Although he toked more before his career took off, he’s had other legal issues. He nearly got booked for possession, but the weed in question belonged to a friend.

#8: Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is another professional basketball player and marijuana activist who’s smoked weed during his career. Right now, he’s involved in destigmatizing cannabis use. He’s also part of the advisory board for marijuana acquisition and investment company Canopy Rivers.

#9: Lamar Odom

Out of all the NBA players who smoke marijuana, we’ve probably seen Lamar Odom doing it the most. He’s never hidden the fact that he enjoys weed like the rest of us. Unfortunately, he’s struggled with other drugs, which has caused various issues in his career.

#10: Joakim Noah

A quick search for Joakim Noah weed bongs shows the basketball star shopping for marijuana paraphernalia. He’s wearing a big smile as he searches for the perfect apparatus. There’s no doubt he loves weed. Some reports say his high school expelled him because of it.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Joakim enjoys smoking one of the Bruce Banner Strains. Considering that he’s 6.9 ft. tall, it’d make sense if he likes to hulk out with his favorite bong.

#11: Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is a big reggae and Bob Marley fan. Need we say more? He openly supports medicinal cannabis use and believes in its multitude of benefits. Officers arrested him in his car for marijuana possession in 2011, but he continues to advocate for medicinal weed.

#12: Vlade Divac

The final basketball player on our list is an honorable mention. We can’t state whether he enjoyed smoking weed, but the rumors are there. Many people saw Vlade Divac smoking cigarettes during his early career.

At least Vlade quit cigarettes shortly after he joined the NBA.

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