3 Physical Traits Women Find Attractive in Men

One of the biggest concerns men interested in women have is how to make their interest mutual. Some think girls only look for handsome, lean, and muscular guys; seeing their own reflection in the mirror, they easily give up and complain about unrealistic standards women have. Others believe looks don’t matter at all if you have a great personality, and still find it hard to make chicks like them.

Well, none of these people are right. Looks do matter, but not necessarily in the way most people think, and men considered less attractive are still able to find the love of their lives.

So, how does it really work? What do women really want in men? What makes them think: “This guy is hot”?

1. A Healthy Body

Many traits that matter when it comes to romantic and sexual attraction have something to do with the shape of your body. Facial features, muscles, and overall symmetry can be indicators of health, fertility, and survival potential.

Although not all body features can be changed easily, and some (e.g., height) can’t be changed at all, there’s still some room for improvement. One way to do that is exercising regularly and having healthy eating habits. Engaging in physical activity will not only benefit your health, but also give you nice abs and muscles. According to research, women find muscular and strong-looking guys more attractive; if you want to be one of them, learn how to get shredded, visit the gym regularly and impress girls with your nicely shaped chest and burly shoulders.

You should also remember to simply care for your hygiene. Sweaty guys with bad breath and dirty nails tend to scare chicks off. Let them see that you know how to care for your body and don’t neglect anything. Just because you think it’s not that important doesn’t mean women don’t pay attention to such details. In fact, they often do, so don’t ruin your first impression. Before meeting a girl, cut your nails, take a shower, shave, and use deodorant. Make it your habit, so you don’t miss your chance for romance.

2. Physical Similarity

Contrary to popular belief, the opposites don’t attract themselves as much as we think. Research shows that people actually tend to hang out with people with similar views and interests and rate them as more likable than those who differ from them.

The same logic can be found in romantic and sexual relationships: people prefer men and women who are more or less like them. It’s not only about personality or worldview – we often look for partners whose physical attractiveness is similar to our own. Good looking guys usually go for sexy chics, average girls tend to end up with average boys, and so on.

This means you don’t have to be as handsome as you possibly can to find your other half. Just make sure you search for her in your league. And if that’s not enough for you, you can always try some simple methods to increase your attractiveness.

3. Being Her Senior

When looking for a long-term partner, women tend to focus on material resources – they want a man who will be able to provide for them. It’s not about modern women becoming gold diggers – this is an evolutionary trait. More resourceful and wealthy men are therefore assessed as more attractive.

However, as females become more financially independent, their tastes change. Having the necessary goods and position themselves, they’re focused on older and more physically attractive men. This phenomenon was dubbed the George Clooney Effect.

What’s interesting is that most women, regardless of their status, generally prefer men who are older than themselves. The age gap shouldn’t be too big, though – men perceived as attractive are only slightly older or around the same age a given woman is. This gap gets a bit bigger for women with means, but the general rule is: be older, but not too old.

Be There for Her

Of course, that’s not all traits that matter when it comes to being attractive in the female eyes. There are more bodily features that can indicate your value as a potential short or long-term partner. Also, although many of them are universal, different cultures emphasize different characteristics; don’t forget various girls have different “types,” so even if you don’t meet general beauty standards, you can still be the one for a certain person.

Finally, remember that personality and behavior are as important, if not more essential than looks or age. So if you, for instance, can’t reach your ideal body shape, don’t worry – you still have a chance of stealing her heart with your empathy, common interests, and sense of humor. Girls don’t necessarily want their men to look like movie stars; they just want them to express their love and care for them. With that in mind, go and improve your love life. You’ll make it, bro!