4 Best Cricket Bats for Beginners

As cricket’s popularity continues to soar, it is only natural that you would consider dipping your toes into the sport. As a beginner, you’ll quickly realize that you need more than talent. Hard work and the right cricket gear are at the heart of the competitive and thrilling sport. The right equipment provides safety and support. Such considerations can help you pursue a career in cricket with fewer injury concerns and with improved performance. Among the top consideration is establishing which cricket bat to buy. Here are four selections to consider when buying cricket bats for beginners.

SG Cobra Gold Kashmir Willow

SG Cobra Gold is a good starting point when looking for a durable cricket bat. It is designed for optimum performance, weighing 1100 to 1250gm, and has a 12-piece cane handle. You’ll enjoy 3 to 6 straight grains and a 40 mm edge with a flat face. The bat offers the needed stability for a beginner to master destructive power on those sweet shots, featuring premium Kashmir Willow and traditionally-shaped style. Belonging to the Aggressor Series of the SG Cricket, SG Cobra Gold is among the most popular bats for beginners of all profiles.

New Balance DC 480

New Balance DC 480

New Balance features some of the most exciting bats for all playing styles. This option features Grade 3 Kashmir willow. You’ll enjoy 5 to 7 grains, providing the much-needed comfort for a firm grip. New Balance DC 480 bat features a nine-piece Sarawak Cane Round for strength and flexibility. It also features an octopus grip, adding to the feel and strength of your grip, even with gloves on. Weighing at 1200-1250gm, the mid to low sweet spot featuring 40 to 42mm edge and full back profile offers good stroke play for beginners.

SS Master 2000

If power and stability are your priorities, SS Master 2000 is your go-to. Featuring selected grade 4 English willow, the bat offers 5 to 7 straight grains. The spine curve, big edges, weight range at 1180 10 1290 gm, and low to mid-sweet spot position offer an amazing combination of power, stability, and directional control. The bat’s edge profile is around 40mm and features a 12-piece cane handle. The handle is cork lining laminated, enhancing the bat’s rigidity and durability.

Kookaburra Bat KB Surge Pro 50

Kookaburra Sport is a renowned brand based in Australia, selling top cricket bats used in many international matches. They also offer some of the best selections for beginners, KB Surge Pro 50 being among the top selections. The bat offers a low, unique toe shaping, delivering an improved pick-up. The bat is made from quality Kashmir willow and is among the market’s most stylish options.

While looking for the best cricket bat as a beginner, the trick is to consider your preferred style. This helps you pick an option matching your strength and approach, making it easier to practice and hone your skills with fewer hiccups. With the best cricket online stores, you’ll have the chance to browse through an extensive collection and land competitive deals, ensuring you invest in a bat you’ll treasure.