5 Date Ideas for Your Favorite Basketball Player

It’s hard not to be into basketball players as they are tall, athletic, and just straight-up hot. So if you’ve gotten your hands on a basketball player somehow and are now looking for date ideas to keep the romance alive, we’ve got you.

Nowadays there are lots of ways to meet new people and get acquainted in order to build relations. When we’re talking about meeting people of specific interests, nothing plays more successful than online dating, actually — lots of filters and the variety of choices usually give one freedom never met before. For example, Iwantu has a specific “height” filter, which would serve well if you want to find a basketball player or at least someone who looks like one. However, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t matter where did you get acquainted. What matters is that you keep the relationship alive and discover ideas to do together, which you both love.

Here are the five best date ideas to take your basketball player date on:

Go to a Minor League Game

Even if you’re more into basketball players than you are in the actual sport, you will surely find a relaxing evening at a ball game to be quite fun. There will be plenty of action; your hubby will undoubtedly appreciate it and, if it is of little interest to you, there’s a lot of cheap and delicious food and drinks to go around.

Try a March Madness Date

The March Madness date is a straightforward and cheap date to try. You get to spend a quality moment together and have a lot of fun while also competing for a little, which is always a great way to keep things interesting and fresh in a relationship. Also, you get to watch a whole lot of basketball.

To try this date idea, you will need to print two bracket-lined sheets and fill them out (pick scores also so that you don’t end up in a tie with points). Keep track of who is winning and highlight them. Then, add up the points for the winning teams; you can easily give points from 1 to 7 from the first four all the way to the championship.

The best part is at the end. The loser much do whatever the winner desires. You can make your significant other cook dinner, take you somewhere nice, plan a different date, whatever you want.

Play a Pickup Game of Basketball

If you’re still wondering how to find a basketball player or have just found one, what better method to make him comprehend that you’re into it as well than by playing a game? There are many courts where you can practice, play with friends or with some strangers in the park. Also, a little friendly competition never hurt anybody. And if you can dunk, you will surely impress your new boo.

Play Truth or Dare

There are several ways in which you can do this. You can either go the classic route, or you can use the basketball theme here too. You can play a game either for real or online basketball, and who wins gets to dare the other person to do something. Or the opposite approach, if your partner can’t throw a 3-pointer, then they have to do something you want them to.

Watch a Basketball Movie

Sports-themed movies come in high supply and high demand, and luckily, there are more than enough basketball movies to watch. While some are better than others, they are all fun and exciting. So make a date night out of it. Have a nice homecooked meal or order some takeaway, watch the movie cuddled up on the couch, eat some popcorn, get some drinks and enjoy your casual night at home together.