5 Reasons why a Smartphone is a useful tool when Growing Cannabis Seeds

It’s difficult in this day and age to find someone who doesn’t own a smartphone. Over the past few decades, we have witnessed drastic changes in the cellular phone business. From primitive bulky mobile phones to extremely powerful pocket computers, very few of us can imagine our lives without these devices.

Smartphones are very helpful tools. They allow us to scroll through social networking platforms, allow us to easily communicate with others, enable us to take photographs, the list goes on. These multifunctional devices have changed the way we live our lives and the way we grow cannabis.

With more and more states in America and countries around the world legalizing cannabis, there has been a huge increase in the number of people growing weed from home. Whether you are new to growing marijuana or you have been growing all your life, owning a smartphone will be a very helpful tool. Here are some of the reasons pot growers often rely on their trusty smart devices.

1. Find Cannabis Growing Communities Online

There are a long list of online communities out there that will help you grow fantastic marijuana. There are thousands of people online willing to share their tips with others. If you have issues with your plants, some of these people in these communities will accept photographs, videos and will often connect with you over video calls online to help you out. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain to someone their problems when growing weed, so a video call often proves effective.

Members of these communities will not only give you advice on how to grow your weed, but they will also point you in the right direction for things like where to buy supplies and the best marijuana seeds on the market.

These communities are a great way to find others with similar interests. You might find people to help you out with growing, but marijuana communities are also a place for you to meet new friends.

2. Smartphones are Vital when Growing during the Pandemic

There are plenty of reasons owning a smartphone during the pandemic is needed to help you grow good weed such as:

  • Pictures and videos: As we all know, smartphones will allow you to take photos and videos to send to others. During the ongoing pandemic, experts have advised us to stay indoors, so sometimes the only safe way we can communicate with others is through our smartphone.
  • Order online: In some areas, marijuana stores remain closed to help reduce the spread of the virus. Although most are open now, many of us only leave the house for essential items, which is why shopping for weed supplies online with our smartphones is a much safer option.
  • Information: With so many stores remaining closed, it would be very difficult to find information about growing marijuana during the pandemic. Instead of physically searching through a traditional book store, we have easy access to a wide range of cannabis growing guides and tips online.

Most websites offer a lot more options when it comes to cannabis supplies in comparison to physical marijuana stores. Before the pandemic began, many people would have been loyal to their favorite store, however, since the spread of Covid-19 they have realized that they have more choice and can save money while shopping on the internet.

3. Apps that Help You Grow

In the past, it was common for cannabis growers to write down their secrets and tips on private papers, hidden away so the world wouldn’t notice. Nowadays, the marijuana market is booming and people all over the world are using advanced technology to help them grow amazing pot.

There are a wide array of apps on GooglePlay and the AppleStore to help you grow weed. Even for first-timers, there are easy-to-use applications available that help you produce an incredible harvest. Some apps post data from people who previously grew weed, others publish photographs from other strains, while others post details on watering and nutrients.

If you are new to the growing game, all the information when you first start growing might be a bit overwhelming. Experienced growers tend to frequently use phrases that might go right over your head. Luckily, there are plenty of apps available online that can help make growing weed that little bit easier. Some apps are specifically designed for newbies, which allow novices to enter logs and helps the grower with scheduling.

4. Use your Smartphone Anonymously while Online

Not everybody likes to be known as a person who grows cannabis. Although it is gradually becoming legalized in many locations throughout the world, there still is a lot of stigma surrounding growing and smoking marijuana. Some growing apps allow you to work offline and some even allow you to access the app under an anonymous account so that it can’t be traced back to you. If you have any other concerns, consider running a VPN from a reputable company. This will mask the original IP address on your smartphone and replace it with a different IP address. This will make it harder for outsiders to find your location and it will increase your online security.

5. Smartphone Tools

There are plenty of tools and features built into your smartphone to help you grow weed such as:

  • Torch: Almost every smartphone has a built-in torch. These torches are normally used as the phone’s flash, but they can prove extremely helpful when you are growing weed. Everyone knows who grows weed indoors that you are only supposed to have the lights on during specific hours of the day or night. Instead of switching on your LED lights if you want to check on something, why not use your torch from your phone so you won’t risk disturbing your plants.
  • To-do list: Each smartphone has some sort of organizer saved on each device.
  • Calendar: Each smartphone has a calendar to help remind things like when did you plant the seeds and when do you need to change the timing of the lights.

Even the most basic smart devices have these functions and programs already installed on the device when you purchase them.