5 Reasons Why You Should Use WikiBuy or Honey

Before we begin I would like to break any misconceptions or fears of shopping online that you might have. Now, I am not here to berate you and try to convince you that fears of identity theft and identity fraud are just a figment of your imagination.

Nobody likes when their sibling takes their favorite T-shirt, and not to mention when there is a rational fear that someone somewhere might take your private information and use it for their own personal gain and at the same time damaging your financials. Those fears are completely legitimate, or rather they were legitimate in the past.

Nowadays those fears should be looked upon as a worry or a concern. The world has made its first step into what is today known as digitalization, way back in the 1950s – a small step, but still a start, and back then it was merely an idea of what is to come. With the birth of ENIAC digitization was born as well.

A true leap into the future was made in 1989 with the invention of the World Wide Web, and since then a lot of influential people and programmers have made sure that the internet is as secure as it can be. As they had so much time to perfect it. And if you are skeptical about the stories I applaud to it.

However, the numbers don’t lie – the fear of identity theft and fraud is on the decline as the crime itself. In 2017 the total number of fraud victims in the USA was estimated to be around 16.7 million people.

The latest numbers from 2019 are somewhat lower, and they are a refreshing sight. The numbers for the year 2019 are estimated to be around 15.3 million victims due to identity fraud. Most of the committed crimes in the are of identity theft are due to big data leaks that can occur to hospital software development, big companies, or data centers. Numbers for phishing scams are lower than ever.

Now without fear, let me explain what digitization and digitalization are:

  • Digitization is the conversion of analog to digital
  • Digitalization is the use of digital technologies and digitized data to impact how work gets done

And that right there is the core of online shopping, it is not a misguided path it is merely a next step in the evolution of business. Companies are adapting to their customer as they always have and always will. They are making their products accessible online and are shipping the articles to the houses of their consumers.

And with convenience comes a new form of competition – discount codes and coupons. Sites, apps, and website extensions created with the sole purpose to provide the buyer with better options for their shopping. And two extensions stand out above the rest – WikiBuy and Honey.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use WikiBuy or Honey

There are a couple of core things that separate these two extensions above the competition. Why these two add-ons appeal to most consumers. So we wanted to start off the list with the one feature we believe is of most use.

Universal Product Search

Wherever you are, whether you are in the store or at home browsing the web. This extension will help you find the best possible offer. You can search for a product right on their website and realize that you wanted to buy an item on site 1, but if you swap to site 2 you get 10 percent off.

A Plethora of Different Tools

These web-extensions thought of everything. From scanning the web for the item to discounts and free shipping. The whole process of shopping is filled with ways to make your experience more convenient and cheaper. And on top of that, some tools are there to provide you with extension credit that you can use to get even more discount on the next buy. 

On Honey extension, their credit is called Honey Gold. While WikiBuy has special offers on their website that are specifically made for use on their website.

Coupon Codes

Don’t you despise the idea of searching the web for coupon codes just so that you finally managed to find one realize that it doesn’t work. Well with these extensions you don’t have to go through such agony. While you are looking for the item you wish to buy, the system scavenges the web on its own, looking for the coupon codes that you can use, and that work.

Customer Service

Some web extensions in this niche might have customer service, but I guarantee they are not half good as these 2. If at first, you don’t find the answer on your own on the vast forum threads and guidebooks on the website, you can always send a ticket. You can fill out the ticket through a form on the website.

Or if you are not satisfied with the form option, you can send an email or a letter. Or you can just go straight to Honey’s web page and click on the letter icon and their live chat software will pop up. From what I’ve gathered the frequently asked questions on both websites are quite informative and helpful.

Free Web – Extensions

Free extensions that provide you the customer with numerous ways to buy your desired items for a cheaper price, how that is possible. Simple. The way these websites earn money is by special offers they promote. The second way they earn money is like any other website through paid ads and affiliate links.

The most important thing for these companies is the traffic they generate on their pages and clicks they are able to obtain from the customers. They need a lot of traffic to make money, and in order to do so they make sure that they have all the coupons, discounts and offers they can get their hands on.