6 Sports You Can Enjoy at Home

Sports are a fun way to engage in physical activities. It helps promote a healthy body and even mental and interpersonal skills, whether for competitive or recreational purposes. Depending on the sport, most sports are played outdoors, like in fields or parks. However, if you are a homebody, you can still enjoy a sport in the comfort of your own home.

There are as many indoor sports as outdoor sports, and there are even outdoor sports you can play indoors with the proper equipment. The following is a list of sports you can play and enjoy at home.


One of the well-known indoor sports is the pool. Also known as billiards, it is a sport played on a specific table with six pockets on two of its sides and corners. It has different types of games one can play. Its goal is to sink the balls you are assigned to, depending on the game, into the table’s pockets. You can play it with 1-3 other people.

Playing pool requires using the right equipment. If you want to play pool at home, you must purchase equipment such as the table, the cue, and the balls. You must also set up a room or a space to put the equipment in. You also need to look at the complete set of pool equipment and how much they cost. Check out NPC Amusements Pool Room Supplies and other sports equipment providers for more information.


Volleyball is one of those sports that you can play both indoors and outdoors. It is a well-loved game and can be played for fun, regardless of the official rules, when it is played as a serious sport. You can also play it with a friend or more, with the goal being to land the ball over to the opponent’s side without them being able to throw it back to yours.

Whether you have a large enough space in your house or an expansive backyard, you can set up your very own volleyball court. All you need to purchase is a volleyball ball, a net, and support for the net. Once you’ve set up the net, you can start having fun with your friends. However, be careful when setting up the area and keep fragile objects away.


If you want to play another sport involving a net, you could play two other sports. Besides Volleyball, you can also play tennis and badminton. Both sports play with a net and are usually played by 2-4 people. Both aim to serve projectiles to the opponent’s side without them being unable to serve it back.

While they seem similar, it is essential to note some differences between the two sports, especially considering where you’re putting your net. An easy way to differentiate the two is the equipment used. Both have rackets but are different in size and shape. Moreover, tennis uses a ball, while badminton uses a shuttlecock, which is cone-shaped and built with feathers.

The gameplay is also different. For example, badminton rules state that you need to land the shuttlecock on the opponent’s side of the court, with the opponent unable to serve it to get a score. On the other hand, tennis is almost the same, but in terms of a rally, the ball can bounce once on the opponent’s side before the opponent can serve it back.

Their courts also have a fair share of differences, such as the area and the surface. Tennis can be played indoors and outdoors, but you have to make sure there is nothing fragile nearby as the balls may be powerful enough to topple or break something. While badminton is officially played on a specific surface, you can play recreationally on any surface where your net is at home.

Table Tennis

If you prefer playing something that doesn’t require too much space, you can play table tennis, also known as ping pong. Unlike traditional tennis, table tennis is played on a table with a net. The rules to score are pretty much similar, perhaps besides specific differences. Two people usually play this.

It is the equipment that makes the distinctive differences. Since table tennis is a much smaller form, the equipment is also tiny. Besides the table with its net, there are two other pieces of equipment: paddles and balls.

You may set up the table wherever you like, as long as the space is enough. It can work anywhere, like in the garage or the backyard. Just ensure that there is nothing in the way that can get hit and damaged.


If you want a simple game, then darts are a good option. You can play it by yourself or do so with another person. It is a good sport that requires hand-eye coordination as you have to use darts to hit a target. Therefore, there are only two essential pieces of equipment: the darts and the dartboard.

You can set up the dartboard anywhere you like, as long as it is safe and away from people. Ensure it’s not in an area where the darts can accidentally hit passers-by.

To Conclude

There are so many ways to have fun at home, and if you are a sporty person, there are several sports you can enjoy at home, whether by yourself or with others. Ensure that you are having fun in the safest way possible.