6 Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Private Swimming Instructor

Swimming is a fun and popular activity. However, just because one can swim, it doesn’t mean that they teach others how to swim — it takes a special skill to be a swimming instructor.

Nowadays, learning how to swim is a critical skill for both kids and adults. Swimming is a good way to learn a new skill and also ensure that you are involved in some sort of physical activity.

However, swimming is not all safe especially if you don’t have the necessary skills. You might need to hire a professional swimming instructor to help you or your kids learn how to swim and ensure their safety.

If you’re shy, unsure of your skills, or you just want convenience, you can hire a private swimming instructor within your area to come to you or have the private swimming lessons somewhere else.

Benefits Of Hiring A Private Swimming Instructor

Hiring a private swimming instructor comes with a bunch of benefits for both kids and adults. Some of them are:

  • You will enjoy undivided attention from a professional swimming instructor.
  • Swimming instructors will customize your lesson plan to suit your needs.
  • You will get confident and independent while in the water.
  • For kids, they will be able to concentrate on the lessons without any distractions from other activities.
  • You can set your own day and time for the swimming lessons.

Here are six things you must know before hiring a private swimming instructor:

1. Professional Certifications

The first, and perhaps most important, thing to look for in a swimming instructor is whether they are trained and certified as a swimming instructor. You want to have a qualified coach teaching you or your kids how to swim. A good swimming coach should have a formal swim instructor certification.

Ask them about their technical background and ask to see their certification. Find out how many years of coaching they have, and whether they have a background in professional swimming.

Besides being a certified swim instructor, a good coach should also have the following training/certifications:

  • CPR Certification for both adults and children.
  • First Aid Certification
  • Water Safety Instruction

Each of these certificates is important in its own way. They come in handy in case of an emergency, and knowing how to do it can make an important difference in saving a life.

2. The Instructor’s Teaching Experience

When looking for a swim instructor, find out if they have any experience teaching people how to swim. Experience is necessary as it shows they have taught several people how to swim, and probably handled emergencies before.

Ideally, the swim instructor should have two or more years of teaching experience. This ensures that the instructor is confident and knowledgeable about various skills. Moreover, it shows that they have dealt with individuals with various personalities and learning styles and can be able to adapt their teaching techniques to each student.

Also, find out what their area of expertise is. Do they mainly have an adult clientele? Or do they specialize in working with kids? If they are more experienced working with kids, they may not be good at teaching adults. Depending on your needs, look for a coach with experience in;

  • Teaching children/adults with special needs
  • Specialization in certain skills, such as diving and synchronized swimming
  • Endurance and fitness lessons
  • Competitive swimming

If the instructor has extensive experience, then it is very likely they will have the best skills to teach you or your child how to swim.

3. The Teaching and Motivation Techniques

The Teaching and Motivation Techniques

Before hiring a swim instructor, find out what their swim lessons are like and what type of content they will focus on during the swim workouts. Which swimming styles and techniques can they teach well and how do they teach them?

While perfecting a backstroke is amazing, you want someone who knows how to motivate you or your child. Does the swim instructor motivate you by challenging you and helping you see your potential? Or are they more of a drill sergeant type? Choose a style that works with you or your child so that you are comfortable, and motivated to attend the lesson.

Make sure the instructor understands your focus and goals so they can sit down and draw up an action plan with you. This is essential to make sure you can measure and track your progress regularly.

4. Reviews From Previous Clients

Conduct a background check on the instructor, especially if they are coming to your home, or you will have private lessons somewhere else. A good instructor should be responsible and trustworthy. You should feel comfortable with the instructor being around your, and especially your children.

A background check not lets you know if their credentials are legitimate, it also gets reviews from their previous clients. A good instructor should not have a problem providing a list of clients they have worked with before. If all their previous clients had negative experiences with the instructor, then do not expect a pleasant experience.

5. Personality

Once you know your instructor is qualified, experienced, and can be a good instructor, make sure to look for a good personality match between yourself, or your kid, and the instructor. You, or your child, will probably spend a lot of time with the instructor, so make sure there is a personality match.

Meet with the instructor before the first lesson to get comfortable and observe the first few sessions to see if you or your child is enjoying themselves. Takes the following aspects into account:

  • Are you looking for someone firm or lenient?
  • Do you, or your child, respond better to a calm or high-energy instructor?
  • Look for personality traits such as dedication, compassion, and patience.

Everyone has a different personality type, and when your personalities match, you are more likely to learn faster and enjoy yourself as you do.

6. Pricing

The pricing of the swim instructor is something you need to consider. Have a budget on how much you’re willing to spend on the swim lessons. Get the quotations from the swim instructors and pick the one whose pricing is in line with your budget.

Also, understand the payment options they have. Will they want to be paid after every session, or after the swim lessons are over? Have a sit down with your selected instructor and agree on the payment terms that work well for both of you.

In Conclusion

Swimming is a fun activity, and it can also be a life-saving skill. For you, or your child, to know how to swim, solicit the services of a qualified swim instructor.

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