6 Tips to Organize Your Basketball Shoe Collection: Clever Ideas to Use Your Space

If you have ever experienced one of those days when you happen to find every pair from your basketball shoe collection except for the one you were aiming for, then these 6 tips will save you from the hassle to do so!

In any sport, shoes play an essential role. Basketball shoes are not designed solely for performance on the basketball court but are made to look darn good too. Here are some of the most distinctive and stylish basketball shoes if you’re a fan of such creativity.

Once you have figured out what basketball shoes you should get, Basketball shoe collecting can shift from a hobby to an obsession in no time. It all starts with a single pair of shoes, then two grows into ten, and even before you realize, you’ve got yourself a pile of shoes.

Yes, shoes are important. But, they can be troublesome to manage, especially if you have a small place.

Do you wish to easily organize your basketball shoe collection without taking up all the space in your house?

The best part? We’ve come up with exactly that. Organize your basketball shoe collection with our clever ideas to use your space.

“I have enough shoes.” – Said no one ever

A basketball addict wants to get all the best basketball shoes out there, eventually ending up with a room full of shoes. The absolute solution for too many shoes should be to get rid of the old ones, right? Wrong!

We have too many pairs for our own good, and they often come in different shapes, thus creating a shoe mess. With our handy tips, you do not have to worry about that again, whether you prefer to stack them, line them up, categorize them, or utilize shoe racks and organizers to save some space; We Got You!

1. Use Your Imagination

There’s so much space around your house that you can utilize to store your basketball shoe collection. Use your imagination and scan for the area you can use to create shoe storage space. You don’t need to pile up all your collection in a single place, making it as tall as your height.

Look around and see what works for you, depending on the storage area you got. Here are some of the ideas that you can use

Storage closets

Customize your storage closet to organize all that mess you got from the piling of your basketball shoes. Organizing does not mean that you have to be fancy or need to spend a fortune. It definitely does not intend to convince you about spending money on the storage way more than what you did on your favorite pair of shoes.

Behind the Door

Yes, you read it right! You can utilize the space behind your door too. It will help you organize your shoe collection and allows you to access and drop your shoes at your doorstep.

Empty bookcases

Sometimes you need to think out of the box to make the most out of the space you got. Make your empty bookcase your new basketball collection. It’s convenient, and you can even place post-it notes on the shelves defining the shoe category.

2. Shoe Racks and Organizers

If you want to protect your shoes for long-term use, invest in shoe racks and organizers. While it may sound like additional space in your house, it is beneficial to satisfy your storage needs. They come in handy-to-save space. It is the best pick to organize your basketball shoe collection because it is convenient and useful, eradicating the need to dig through the pile for a missing shoe!

3. Choose Categories

Separate your daily wear types from the hard-to-find pairs. Categorize your shoes, depending on how often you wear them. There’s no point in going through a shoe war every day to find your pick of the day.

Categorizing will allow you to go straight to the pair you intend to wear without having to look through a mess of the basketball shoes.

You get to have way more storage space than you can imagine if you utilize it cleverly. A shoe pair’s search shouldn’t run you much more than the next one on your shopping list!

4. Stackable storage

There’s one thing almost all runners face, and that is stinky shoes. Lack of ventilation by wearing them all day every day seems unavoidable. Stackable storage can help you get rid of this dreadful smell off your favorite pair of basketball shoes.

It allows each shoe pair to have its own designated space, leaving your kicks clean and dry. You can invest in a plastic shelf stackable storage for your basketball pairs. Instead of loading your shoes onto each other, creating a giant shoe pile, you get a double space by stacking them onto the shelf of the storage.

No more stinky shoes!

5. Utilize the under bed area

Yes, you read it right! Your under bed area can be your mini shoe collection space. Make the most out of the ultimate space you got. The hidden area under your bed can be perfect storage for your daily wear basketball shoes.

Arrange your shoes in any order that works best for your available space!

6. Put them away – Literally!

There’s no secret way or magic to get your shoes back to their places without actually putting them yourself.

Let’s say you acted upon all the tips and ideas mentioned above, you bought stackable storage, shoe racks, or even a closet to organize your basketball shoe collection, but nothing seems to work for your storage.

It’s because they are lying everywhere except where they’re supposed to be. All shoe lovers are guilty of this to some extent, but it can be fixed. All you need to do is start right now before it’s too late.

No matter how big storage space you got, or how many shoe racks and stackable storage you bought, if you are not going to use them cleverly, they will just be an addition to your already messy storage space.

Organizing is all about utilizing the space to its maximum. It’s not that hard as it may seem. Got some other great ideas to organize your basketball shoe collection? Spread the word.