7 Best Basketball Shoes 2022

What does it mean to find the best basketball sneakers? It all comes down to how amazing the shoes feel to you, among other things. Everyone has a different foot, body and therefore, the requirements. While this basketball shoes list can’t be narrowed down according to everyone’s preference, it sure can describe those that have been most successful.

Noone can deny that Nike basketball shoes have gained superiority in the field, but there are also some other choices to check out for basketball players. A team of experts from the CasinoTop website who create reviews of online casinos has prepared a comprehensive list of the most successful models worn by famous players. So, let’s begin.

Nike Air Jordan Series

Since we are talking about the top shoes in the industry, Jordan basketball shoes have always taken the first position, regardless of how you look at it. They are quite popular, no doubt, but there’s more to it. You could choose Air Jordan 12, for retro appeal, or Air Jordan 29 as the all-time best shoe. Even the recent Air Jordan 36 has managed to bring high-grade performance with a fantastic combination of soles and material.

These models have always been a true homage to Michael Jordan who is a celebrity in the world of sport, gambling industry, and Hollywood film.

Nike Air Max Impact

Let’s start out the list with a budget-friendly choice. Nike Air Max Impact series is easily the most feasible and cheapest on the list. Most of these shoe lines are under $100. People think that these might not be the best for professional play like the NBA, but Charles Barkley has proved them wrong. Barkely, who is also known as a keen gambler, chose the exact pair as his favorite.

The Air Max is known for its sole that offers a fascinating impact protection, by being soft, and not requiring any break-in to feel good. If you are looking for low-budget basketball shoes, you have got to try this pair.

New Balance Kawhi 2

The next position on the list is more suitable for the heavier basketball players that require better cushioning for their weight. It is a type of shoes that you will find at an entry-level for performance games. New Balance Kawhi series itself is one of a kind that brings you stable offense and defense performance.

While they might not be the best choice for professionals, they are on the list because of the consistency and their suitability for the bigger guys. These shoes simply must be considered as an entry-level option.

Nike Lebron 19

Nike Lebron 19 is the new collection from the collaboration of the brand with a renowned basketball player Lebron James. The professional sportsman has this bold gambling approach to life, even for his shoe brand he has chosen an innovative and brave combination. Here we have a fantastic unity of Max Air cushion at the back and Zoom Air at the front. There is also a midsole cushion. So, if you want comfortable, lightweight, and cushioning basketball shoes, it doesn’t get better than this.

However, it does lack a little bit of traction when compared to others. So, you really need to know how to play it to your benefit. The Lebron series has always been a favorite of J.R Smith – a celebrated sportsman and a passionate gambler.

Nike Cosmic Unity

Now, Nike’s Cosmic Unity is one of the much-awaited shoes in the line for 2022. First of all, the shoes are environmentally-sustainable. At least 25% of the shoe comprises recycled materials, which is a step in the positive direction. The shoe does have a thinner outsole but offers remarkable comfort on the court. It has the best grip and provides speedy movement to the wearer.

Among all the other options, the fantastic grip with quick response time on the court makes this one stand out as a fantastic choice among the Nike basketball shoes.

Nike Air Zoom GT Cut

In terms of cushioning and support, nothing comes as close as Nike Air Zoom GT. It has everything a player would need for the game, this includes multi-layered cushioning like react inserts and Zoom Air Unit. It has lightweight mesh and a print layer for durability. Even the sole has great arches and cuts to make up for the best shoes on the list.

You can expect these to be one of the greatest sneaker collections from Nike. It is made for any size, especially the players that would love a little support and cushion for their jump.

Nike Kyrie Series

The partnership with Kyrie Irving has led Nike to develop some of the most sought-after shoes in the basketball industry. You might know Nike Kyrie 7 as the most successful one. It was worn by many basketball players worldwide, and it shows what basketball players really want. The popularity of the model is all about the explosive power and the quick first step. With its cushioned midsole, Nike Kyrie series is among the best.


Basketball is one of the most exciting games, and choosing the right shoes is a key factor to influence the players’ performance. That is why getting the right ones is part of the winning process.

From the first point of view it might seem like a Nike basketball shoes list. However, it simply means that the brand knows what needs to be done. They have everything from rubber to foam material, high to low price range, and a lot of players worldwide use them. The company pays attention to various innovations and ideas, even a small change to the upper side or the upper sole leads to a significant impact in performance.