7-step guide on how to prepare a car for a trip


There is something particularly romantic about road trips, the whole new area unfolds in front of you, and it makes you feel like a real explorer. However, so that nothing could spoil it, you should seriously prepare for the journey and pack everything you need in advance. The car should be in fully serviceable technical condition in order to make the trip just right. In this article we are going to talk on how to prepare the vehicle for a long trip and give you some useful tips, if this is your first experience.

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1. Engine check

If there are any problems with the engine, the car won’t get you anywhere. When in doubt regarding the condition of the engine, make an appointment for a checkup. At the same time it’s also worth checking the fuel system. Make sure to do it in advance, so there is enough time in case you need to fix some problems.

2. Body and interior preparation

Preparing your car for a trip also includes assessing the condition of the body and exterior of the car. Make sure that all the car’s lights are working properly. Adjust the light so that it doesn’t dazzle other drivers, if you know beforehand that you have to drive at night. For long trips, it is necessary to prepare the interior of the car for the trip. Always test the serviceability of each seatbelt.

3. Renew wiper blades and refill the washer tank

Usually after winter the rubber on the windshield wipers shrinks, and after summer it dries up. Therefore, the wipers begin to clean poorly and may even scratch the windshield. This can be very dangerous when traveling along unknown roads, where mud can get on the windshield heavily. That is why before you go on any long distance trip, make sure to check the condition of the wipers and refill the windshield washer fluid.

4. Change technical fluids

Changing the oil in your vehicle’s engine is especially vital if you have a long journey ahead of you. Especially if the last change was made more than five thousand kilometers ago or even earlier. Although the car usually maintains its oil level in urban areas, oil consumption may increase considerably under high loads on the highway, so it is advisable to have a couple of liters of oil in reserve.

5. Install tire pressure sensors

One of the most common problems when traveling by car is a torn tire, because of an unnoticed puncture of the wheel. In order to prevent this, we advise installing tire pressure sensors. These sensors are linked via a radio signal and allow the driver to monitor the pressure and temperature of each tire throughout the entire journey.

6. Pack a set of keys and batteries

You probably never think about the possibility that your car keys’ batteries might run out, but it’s even worse if they do so while you’re on a road trip. That’s why taking a spare set of car keys and a set of batteries is always a good idea. The main point here is not to leave them inside a locked car when needed.

7. Get some necessities

In addition to personal belongings before the trip, pack a special car kit with the most vital things for the journey. The main items are a jack, a wheel bolt wrench, a compressor for tire inflation, various types of fuses, spare lights, a tow rope and a wire for cigarette lighter.

Now, you can use this checklist every time you’re about to go on a road trip by car, no matter how far you’re going. We wish you a safe and pleasant journey