7 Things to Do When a Movie Has No Sound

Movies help us escape into another reality and storyline we do not know. But, sometimes, you may face some challenges as you try watching a movie. You may cozy up to watch a movie, press play, and no sound is there. It is frustrating, and sometimes you may do all things you know, and nothing is working. Therefore, whether you were streaming the movie from the Pirate Bay or downloaded it from playback on Mac or Windows. Below is how you fix the no sound issues while watching a movie.  

1. Restart your device 

Restarting a device has so many uses and benefits to it. Hence, why it is the most useful old trick in the book. Turn your device off and on again to restart. If your device is a TV, turn it off at the plug, and after a few minutes, turn it back on. Some people put it on standby and think it is restarting. Also, if you can restart some apps on your TV, do the same. Check the app settings and look for a button to restart. 

2. Check your audio connection

To know whether the problem is with the movie itself or the playback device. If other things have no sound, it is an issue with your sound connection. Also, check to ensure your device is not on mute. You may have accidentally pressed it on the remote while sitting on it. Then, check if your audio cables are intact and not loose. If you do not know them, unplug all cables and plug them back the same way firmly. Sometimes, the HDMI cable fails, and switching to a new one sorts the issue. 

3. Change the speaker configuration

In some instances, the movie may be encoded to play on different channels that your device is not supporting. Thus, you will need to adjust the speaker configuration of your device. The method to change this depends on your playback program and your device. Therefore, it is best to do it for the device and program. Instructions are different for every operating system or TV. So, use the manufacturer’s manual to get the correct information and procedure. Also, for each media program, the steps will change. Thus, find out how to change the speaker configuration, try it and see if it works to get your sound back. 

4. Watch the movie on another platform

If your Amazon Prime Movie has no sound, try finding the movie on one of the many streaming sites, and you can start with the free ones. Plus, unless the movie is exclusive on a specific platform. You can find any movie from the many available streaming platforms. Thus, this can fix the issue if your problem is uploading the movie. Or audio of the original platform.

5. Update your device 

Most systems will update automatically. But, it is best to perform a manual check for updates as you experience any issue, such as the no sound issue. You can easily update Windows or your Mac. TVs vary depending on the manufacturer but check the settings for the firmware update. It could be the reason you are not getting any sound.

6. Download the movie again 

Another idea you can try is downloading the movie again if you downloaded it to watch it. However, it may be or maybe not be of help, especially if the visuals play fine. Still, try it because the file could be corrupt somehow. In this way, it helps, for it can happen if your connection to the server is interrupted.

7. Watch with closed captions

If you cannot fix the audio and still want to watch the movie. Watch it with closed captions or subtitles. Closed captions describe sound effects and music, while subtitles only provide the dialog in text form. Mostly, closed captions are for those who are hard of hearing or deaf. Streaming services offer subtitles, and YouTube can generate them automatically. If the platform you are watching has no captions, you can download free movie and TV shows subtitles. But this is the last resort when the above ideas do not work.