A mysterious metal monolith now appears in Kazakhstan

A monolith of unknown origin similar to that seen in Utah and Romania is now in Kazakhstan

Last week, a metal monolith of unknown origin appeared in the middle of a canyon in Kazakhstan. The triangular metal prism can be observed from space. An unknown person has laid out the word “Zano” next to the monument.

People in Kazakhstan are vigorously discussing the monument’s origin on social media.

The “wandering monolith” has several versions of its origin. According to one of them, it’s an art object that references Stanley Kubrick’s black monuments from “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Since no one has taken the responsibility for this art performance yet, both the authorities and social network users have nothing to do but puzzle their heads over.

The mysterious monument has already appeared in the news. For example, a similar monument appeared in Romania this March, then in the USA (Utah) in February 2021. Soon after being discovered, both monuments disappeared.