adidas Crazylight Boost 2015 | Review & Breakdown

With a lot of popular signature shoes released, there are still a lot of great performers out there. This shoe is definitely one of them. Let’s have a look at the adidas Crazylight Boost 2015 Primeknit. We’ll cover the appearance, tech, performance, comfort and price aspects. Let’s get going.


There’s nothing wrong about the appearance of the Crazylight 2015’s. They look, and are, light, smooth and subtle. Today, they’re not too new, so you will have a MASSIVE selection of different colors.

Looking back at the previous Crazylight additions, these don’t look much different, but different enough for a welcome change to the eye. So if you’re a fan of Crazylights, you can’t go wrong with these ones as well.


The nice addition to adidas’s Crazylight shoe series is boost™. However, this time it’s only present in the heel area. That’s a bit dissapointing knowing that adidas did an incredible job with it, both here and on every other basketball shoe.

StableFrame is responsible for the support and stabillity of the whole sole – and feels great here. It provides maximum lock-in for your feet, so you won’t slide all over the place.

NON-MARKING outsole is now pretty much on every adidas basketball shoe – and it does what it says – doesn’t leave marks and also grants a high quality rubber outsole.

One of the highlights of the shoe is Primeknit – the material that the whole top is made of. This THE perfect setup for those who like soft uppers, so if you’re one of them – they will not dissapoint you. The material is really soft and comfortable, but conerning in terms of durability. We’ll talk about that later.

Overall, it really looks like adidas put everything they got for these kicks, excluding a couple of downsides like the lack of boost.


Now in terms of performance, despite a couple of factors, these shoes have plenty of powder to get you going. Traction for a $100 shoe – amazing. It can be inconsistent though, just like the D Rose 6 Boost, you won’t feel it’s full power outdoors and on super-dirty courts. Because of the very dense traction pattern on the outsole, it will absorb a lot of dust very quickly, needing you to wipe them frequently. As long as you stay indoors and on clean floors though – they got you covered.

Now for the cushioning – I’m not sure why adidas called them Crazylight Boost 2015 Primeknit. As there’s not a lot of boost to boast about – as already mentioned, it’s only present in the heel area. Don’t get me wrong though, boost is incredible in that heel area, but it’s just weird that adidas used the EVA foam and adiPrene+ on the rest of the sole instead of full-length boost.

I guess that’s why they’re so affordable. Still though, they’re not gonna be terrible in terms of cushioning – they’re still pretty good, but if you want something a little more soft, look elsewhere or buy an aftermarket sole.

Support is completely fine, just as most adidas models, they never really fail there. There’s a built-in TPU heel counter for ankle lockdown, which does most of the support work. One thing worth mentioning, don’t forget that these are low-tops, so if you want something higher, there’s also a mid-top version releasing in July.

adidas Crazylight Boost 2015 Review: FINAL VERDICT

All in all, I really think that the adidas Crazylight Boost 2015 is worth every dollar of it’s value. It has a sleek look, loads of tech, great performace at an extremely affordable price. With a few dents like the lack of cushioning, concerning durability and incosistent traction, I think these are still one of the top performers of 2015.


  • Great support & stability

  • Big variation of tech

  • Extremely comfortable

  • Worth more than its price


  • Traction is not durable at all

  • Boost cushioning is firm

Hope you enjoyed the review of the adidas Crazylight Boost 2015, it took a lot of time to make. I have some really cool plans ahead, so anyone who’s reading this, stay tuned!