adidas D Rose 6 Boost Primeknit: Quick Review

Alright, welcome to my quick review of the D Rose 6 Boost Primeknit! This is the last version of the Rose 6 which has a Primeknit upper.

I’ll talk about what’s changed from the last versions and if it’s worth buying. I’ll also list all the available upper versions of the shoe, so you can decide which suits you best.


So pretty much everything is left the same exept the added Primeknit upper. Another thing is the removable insole.

I think that’s really cool since you can customize it to your liking if you have a compatible shoe to swap the insole with. Lastly, this version features a transculent “iced” outsole. Probably not a major performance factor.

For some unbelievable reasons, the only colorway available is Purple. Good job adidas.


You’re probably wondering where’s the rest of the performance review. Well here it is: adidas D Rose 6 Boost Review.

The bottom part of the shoe will perform excatly the same. Only the upper will feel different.  So let’s talk a bit about that.

Primeknit is one of those really soft uppers like woven, Flyweave, Flyknit or mesh.

If you’re looking for a shoe with zero restrictions, then this is the way to go. The material is SUPER soft, light, flexible and loose. It pretty much feels like a thick sock on your foot. And for the fans of this material, it is really really well made. Primeknit is a quality material made for a true guard who needs movement freedom. Comfort will also be amazing, as well as ventilation.

The only downsides to the adidas D Rose 6 Boost Primeknit are durability and containment. The material will start tearing and peeling reasonably quickly. Especially if you’re an explosive player or performing footwork-intensive moves.

Containment will also be a bit weake, but that’s not a problem – it’s how it should be. Since the material is very loose, support at the top part of your foot won’t be strong and it will rely on the proper fit. The midsole will still be awesome thanks to StableFrame.


So all in all, the Rose 6 turned into a very customizable option. It’s an awesome shoe with 4 material choices now.

Go with mesh for breathability, mediocore amount of support and decent durability.

Synthetic leather is a very balanced option. It will provide support and durability just the right amount with a bit of restriction.

Synthetic suede is the toughest and sturdiest option. It is definitely the most durable, provides most support. but gives less control over movements and it is the heaviest.I personally don’t like how suede feels on most basketball shoes.

Lastly, the Primeknit version is the loosest and lightest option. Go with it if you can’t affort ANY restrictions, maximum comfort and breathability. Basically go with it if you prefer comfort and performance over durability.


adidas likes to be weird with their releases. This is no exeption. I said that the rest of the colorways come on synthetic suede, but there some exeptions. There are some latest colorways in mesh and leather. It’s almost like a lottery to get adidas’s shoes now.

If you’re looking to buy them and not sure, just take a good look at the pictures. If you can’t tell, just ask the support and they’ll probably tell you.

But as long as you stay with this formula for these colors, you should be fine.

Hope you found this stuff informative!