Adidas D Rose 6 Review | BOOST At It’s Best!

Welcome to my adidas D Rose 6 review! Let’s take a detailed look at the sneaker. We will be taking a look at its tech, performance, comfort, materials and decide if it’s worth the price.

NOTE: A new ‘Primeknit’ version of the D Rose 6 has released! Check out my quick review and what has changed by clicking HERE.

Let’s start the adidas D Rose 6 review!


adidas’s BOOST technology is improving fast and it really feels amazing here. The footbed has even more boost then D Rose 5, even though it’s not really full length. In result, the shoes will feel very soft, comfortable and responsive.

StableFrame adds midsole section support and it does its job really well, like most adidas models do.

I don’t think it’s worth explaining what the NON-MARKING outsole does. Get it? It’s NON-MARKING!



The overall comfort was pretty good, definitely not the best, but enough to like the shoe. Since they come in different upper variants, I can’t really tell you how each one felt. The white colorway (mesh) felt pretty balanced. No major issues, bulkyness or anything like that.


Incredible. You can really feel the full potential of BOOST here. Since it’s kinda full-length, I seriously can’t name two shoes that feel better than this. BOOST is hands down my favourite cushion that fits my playstyle. If you’re a guard and you’re explosive/heavier, this is GOLD for you. Hell, this will be gold to most players out there.


Clean floors will provide top-notch grip and traction. You will still be fine on slightly dusty/dirty floors, you’ll just need to wipe from time to time. Suprisingly, traction is still very nice outdoors, so don’t worry to step out of the inside courts. The pattern doesn’t look durable, but it sure is. It is very dense though, so dust will clog up quickly. That’s pretty much the only complaint.


Support is REALLY good, let me tell you that. Rose’s shoes always bring awesome support, which is very good for an explosive guard. StableFrame does its job perfectly, the heel counter locks down the heel, the wide sole base adds balance and then there’s that great snug fit.


We have a tricky situation here. The shoe’s upper material depends on the colorway. Adidas likes to do that for some reason. This review is on the mesh variant (white). HERE is a post where I explain all the differences between each model, along with the Primeknit version review.


The shoe really did not disappoint with what it had to offer. With an extraordinary balance between performance, price, durability and comfort, these are easily one of the best shoes in 2015.

For any of you that are wondering, these shoes fit for any position out there, not just point guards. It has some minor problems, but nothing is perfect these days, especially when a lot of things come down to personal preference.


+ Boost cushioning is incredible
+ Excellent traction
+ Awesome support
+ Many different upper variants


Strap lacing system is not that effective
Outsole can create a lot of dirt while playing on very dirty courts