Advantages of Getting the Right Basketball Shoes

It is not surprising that there are millions of basketball players around the world, as basketball is also considered one of the most popular sports right now. Due to the popularity of basketball, the brands that make different kinds of basketball gear and equipment are also quite popular and have high sales each year. There are many pieces of gear that you need to have in order to play basketball safely, and one of the most important is a pair of basketball shoes.

Basketball shoes do not only provide comfort for your feet while playing on the basketball court, but they are also helpful in offering support for your feet and ankles to avoid injuries. Our feet have different sizes, so it is obvious that basketball shoes come in different sizes too. Getting the correct shoe size for your feet is advantageous, as the shoes will be able to give you optimal comfort and support. To learn more, here are details about the advantages of getting the right basketball shoes.

Provide the Best Comfort for Your Feet

The right basketball shoes will provide the best comfort for your feet. By having the right size and the right materials for basketball shoes, your feet will feel a lot more comfortable on the basketball court compared to wearing ordinary shoes or shoes that don’t fit your feet nicely. 

Many brands have features or technologies that they add in order to increase the comfort of their basketball shoes, and some of these include Nike’s Zoom Air bags, Adidas’s Boost midsole material, and Under Armour’s Hovr midsole technology.

Besides the midsoles, the upper should also be made from high-quality materials that are softer but still rigid in certain areas so that they would still offer support and protection for the feet. A lot of basketball shoes today are made from synthetic leather, while there are also shoes that have reinforced textile in their upper, which means that it is more flexible than leather but reinforced with nylon or polyester for extra support and durability. So, in addition to choosing the correct size, you will also need to check the materials of the basketball shoes on their midsoles and upper to ensure that they are truly comfortable on the feet.

Get the Best Support for Your Feet

In addition to comfort, you will also get the best support for your feet when you wear the right basketball shoes. Support is a feature that a lot of basketball shoes don’t have, as they are made of low-quality materials or are not really designed to support different areas of your foot, like the ankles and the arch of your midfoot. So, it is very important for you to know if the shoes really do provide ample support for your feet.

Fortunately, finding out the effectiveness of basketball shoes when it comes to comfort or support is relatively easy today, as there are now reviews that you can read or watch online that will tell you everything you need to know about the newest and most popular basketball shoes on the market. The reviews will give you details not only about the various features of the shoes but also their pros and cons. So, if the shoes don’t have good support, then you will already know about it through reviews.

While reinforced textile and synthetic leather do offer support, they would usually need to be layered with TPU and other types of plastic that perform better in terms of supporting the ankles and the midfoot. A lot of good basketball shoes today have plastic layers, which don’t really add weight but improve ankle support to prevent injuries.

Provide Protection from Wounds and Injuries

Because of how thick the upper is for a lot of basketball shoes, they will offer ample protection for your feet against cuts, scratches, and other types of wounds. However, wearing the most suitable basketball shoes for your feet will surely be more effective in protecting your feet not only from wounds but also from major injuries, which include ankle sprains, bone fractures on the feet, and Achilles tendon rupture. 

The protection from injuries is primarily connected to the support provided by the upper of your shoes, but it may also be connected to the midsoles, as they are responsible for giving impact protection for the soles of your feet. A lot of foot-related injuries are created or worsened by your feet receiving a lot of impact after jumping for a dunk or a jump shot. So, to prevent these injuries, you would need a pair of basketball shoes that have a protective upper and midsole.

Can Help in Boosting Performance

The best pair of basketball shoes would allow you to perform at your best, even during the third and fourth quarters of a basketball game. In fact, the best basketball shoes would make you feel like you’re not wearing actual shoes, as they enable your feet to move freely while still offering cushioning and support. 

Bad basketball shoes would typically weigh too much, which basically means that they would just drag you down and make your legs tire out faster. Choose a pair of basketball shoes that are very light but very effective in making your feet feel supported and comfortable.

These are just a few of the advantages of getting and wearing the right basketball shoes. Be sure to read or watch reviews online so that you will have a much easier and faster time finding the most suitable pair of basketball shoes for your feet.