Advantages of Getting the Right Basketball Shoes

Basketball is one of the most popular sports played around the world. In this game, carrying the right basketball shoes holds great significance mainly because they are the only gadget a player equips.

The right basketball shoes are not just ordinary products but far mightier footwear that ace every aspect a player requires to outclass the opponent team. Be that cushioning or support, durability or tractions, style or size, a pair of perfect basketball shoes has it all. 

However, despite the benefits, people still fail to understand the importance of getting the right basketball shoes. If you are one of them, it’s about time you start thinking the other way around. Even if not, this post will make you do so. Here’s everything on why the right basketball shoes are worth spending on. 

How Important are Perfect Basketball Shoes? 

Wearing the most suitable shoe while playing basketball is often ignored. Most of us do not pay attention to the shoe’s selection as long as they feel comfortable on our feet. In fact, many pick options that match the closest to their preferred style. 

However, professional basketball players can not afford to overlook the essential aspects that make up a perfect basketball shoe. This is because they are dedicated to giving their utmost to improving performance, and the right basketball shoe is precisely what helps them do that. 

How Important it is to get the right basketball shoes can be judged by the fact that a shoe is the only piece of equipment a player has while playing basketball. Shoes give wearers the confidence to dive and dash, making the performance even better than usual.

As these are the only weapons you can take to the basketball battleground, it’s imperative to consider the right basketball shoe rather than just any usual one. 

Top 5 Benefits of Getting the Right Basketball Shoes

Some people think that basketball shoes are expensive and useless, while others ignore their significance. Good-performing sneakers in basketball are essential for numerous reasons. They are: 

  • Protects From Injuries 

As our feet are regarded as the foundations on which we stand, keeping them safe from harm should be our utmost priority, especially for players involved in an intense game like basketball.

Whether you are just taking your everyday jog or training for a long time, the proper footwear can protect your feet from the environment. This is because specially designed basketball shoes provide stability to the feet, saving them from slipping or twisting on the court floors. 

By wearing the right basketball shoes, athletes can also prevent common basketball injuries like disfigurement, parasites, jammed fingers, fungal infections, and ankle sprains. 

  • Boosts Performance

Although improving performance primarily relies on the player’s hard work and dedication, the right basketball shoes will also make a difference. 

Basketball shoes are considered as a gear that can make or break your court performance. Hence that gear should be potent. Having great gear vastly improves one’s physical skills and helps run faster, jump higher, and perform better. 

If players do not carry the right footwear, it could lead to injuries, seriously impacting their overall execution. Also, because perfect basketball footwear keeps the athlete’s feet more protected, they can focus more on improving performance rather than stressing over the comfort of their feet. 

  • Induce More Confort

Speaking of comfort, this is the most prominent feature that differentiates usual basketball shoes from the right basketball shoes. Though all basketball shoes are supposedly designed for safety, comfort, and the power to withstand massive impacts, the proper footwear for basketball outclasses others in all aspects. 

The right pair of shoes will prove to be the most comfortable wear for your feet that prevents them from getting tired no matter how long your training sessions are. 

  • Gives Player Support, Pace, and Versatility

No matter what position you are assigned, every basketball player must make dizzying moves around the court, and your shoes should allow this. A player has to start and take sudden halts instantly. In addition, a player has to change directions while jumping and dribbling around.

Only the right basketball shoes can power this much intensity of movement. This is because, unlike usual sneakers, the perfect shoes for basketball house the capacity to provide brilliant speed, adequate support, and extended versatility. Without the right shoes wrapped to your feet, you will face difficulty in running, jumping, and stopping conveniently. 

  • Gives Appeal to the Player 

A decent pair of basketball shoes gives players the inner confidence to get on the court. Stepping onto the court with the right basketball shoes portrays your readiness to provide outstanding performance and leaves the opponent in awe. Good basketball sneakers also depict your style and leave a lasting impression on the audience. 

Things to Consider: How to Choose the Right Basketball Shoes 

Taking advantage of the growing importance of basketball shoes, manufacturers have flooded the markets with hundreds of options varying in design, size, cushioning, style, and prize but not every shoe is the right one for basketball. Here’s what will help you find the right basketball shoes for yourself: 

Determine Your Playstyle

While you may be after a specific style or might only be stressing over solid construction, it is essential to consider what your playing style requires. As different styles of playing tend to work with different types of basketball shoes, here is a table to demonstrate what particular shoe will suit you the best: 





Extends slightly over the wearer's ankle, Big and bulky shoes

Sits right at the wearer's ankle; Average sized shoes

End under the wearer's ankle, lightweight shoes 


Sufficient padding, very comfortable

Good padding, comfortable

Usually not comfortable


Good support, especially for ankles

Fair amount of support

Just enough support 

Best For 

  • players who jump a lot 

  • those who are conscious about ankle support

  • those who require maximum cushioning

  • all-around players

  • players at the small forward position

  • players who rapidly change their speed

  • point guard players

  • players who want fluidity in movement

Identify Court Requirements

The smoothness of your basketball court also influences what basketball shoes will prove right for you. Basketball is a diverse gameplay that is widely played on outdoor courts. Outdoor basketball courts refer to far rugged surfaces than marble floors, for instance, concrete, grass, or dusty courts.

These rugged surfaces require not just any high-top, mid-top, or low-top sneakers but strong outdoor basketball shoes that can cope with the extended amount of wear and tear and provide wearers exceptional support for feet. 

The table below briefly compares outdoor sneakers and indoor sneakers to help you decide what’s best for you:   

Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Indoor Basketball Shoes 

Tread and Traction

Large Pattern Provides Good Grip on Rough Surfaces

Scattered Pattern Provides Good Grip on Smooth Surfaces

Material and Durability 

Synthetic Material for Body (mostly polyester), Thick Rubber for Sole. Very Durable and Heavy

Natural Material for Body (mainly Leather), Natural Rubber for Sole. Lightweight and Less Durable


Outstanding Support for Ankle, Heal, and Toes

Enough Support For Heal, Toes, and Sometimes Ankle 

Never Compromise on Comfort

The basketball shoe that proves correct for you should be comfortable and accompany you for long training sessions without rendering too much foot pain. Hence, look for shoes with adequate cushioning; otherwise, irritating shoes may hinder your performance. 

Along with sufficient cushioning, the shoe’s toe box and tightness also play essential roles in providing comfort to your feet. Hence, go with shoes that carry wide toe boxes and aren’t very squeaky on your feet. 

Prioritize Construction

Irrespective of what sports the sneaker belongs to, the built quality holds a significant position when looking for the best option for yourself. Because basketball is hardcore gameplay, the shoe body should withstand aggressive movements around the court. 

Additionally, the material should allow proper air circulation for enhanced breathability. Meaning that it should neither be very thick, causing the wearer’s feet to sweat nor fragile that it starts to wear off very soon. The right pair of basketball shoes should be resilient enough to bear the court’s harshness and excellent in terms of flexibility.

Recommended Products 

Where to Buy
Under Armour Men's Lockdown 5
Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation
PEAK Streetball Master
Reebok Men’s Bb4500
Joomra Men's High Top Sneakers

1. Under Armour Men's Lockdown 5

Under Armour Men's Lockdown 5 These shoes are one of the top basketball shoes you can get right now. In fact, every basketball player should play with Lockdown 5 at least once in life. The Under Armour Men's Lockdown 5 is high value for money, thanks to its immense tractions and comfortable and lightweight style. However, people with broad ankle zones might face issues wearing these.


  • Herringbone tractions patterns make the shoe ideal for outdoor courts
  • Wide toe box shoe keeps the foot in a natural posture
  • Multiple colors and design options 
  • Light in weight


  • The ankle part is a bit tight

2. Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation

Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation The Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation aces every aspect one requires in the best basketball sneakers. With excellent traction crafted on its durable rubber outsole to mesh tongue for enhanced breathability, these shoes will last longer on outdoor courts and also keep your feet sweat-free through harsh climates.  What's of most importance is the excellent inducement of comfort despite maintaining a very lightweight structure. 


  • Most light basketball shoes
  • Ideal for guards who have to make quick cuts
  • Air-Mesh tongue and leather ensure longevity and breathability
  • Decent ankle support 


  • Not suitable for wide feet players

3. PEAK Streetball Master

PEAK Streetball Master These Basketball Shoes by PEAK are an excellent choice for players who are into outdoor basketball. Though the manufacturer isn't as famous as top-tier brands like Adidas or Nike, the Streetball Master's durability, design, and performance have brought significant attention to them.  The shoes are an NBA Star preferred product, outstanding in terms of value and performance. However, what's best in this sneaker is its unique build that includes seamless integrated weaving with a hot-melt process.


  • Excellent, most durable construction 
  • Massive tractions suited for rugged terrains
  • Good support 


  • Light cushioning

4. Reebok Men’s Bb4500

Reebok Men’s_Bb4500 If comfort is the core feature you crave,  then the BB4500 Hi 2 sneakers are worth considering. This product comes with a very excellent high-top design and massive ankle support for basketball players who remain close to the basket.  Bb4500's overall build is comfortable as well as durable. On the outer bottom side is an intact abrasion-resistant rubber outsole that performs pretty well against not-too-smooth surfaces. 


  • Excellent impact protection 
  • Durable and comfy built
  • High-top design aids in massive ankle support


  • Heavy

5. Joomra Men's High Top Sneakers

Joomra Men's High Top Sneakers Whether you play on a smooth floor or an uneven outdoor surface, Joomra’s unique style outsole offers the best grip on every type of court. With a wide toe box on offer, players with Joomra High-top sneakers wrapped around their feet are free to jump and dash without worrying about twisting or knocking their toes. The adequate cushioning done inside the sneakers covers your foot's entire area and gives full proof of protection. 


  • Outstanding overall performance
  • Extra stability
  • Extended tongue for maximum safety


  • Bulky

Final Word

All basketball shoes seem nice and intact; however, to perform to your fullest, you don’t need just any basketball shoes; instead, you only need the perfect basketball shoes that fit the best to your style and court requirements. 

That being said, whether or not you are looking for shoes for basketball or other activities, it is wise to take into account that we need to equip the right footwear in order to prevent our feet from severe harm, strengthen our in-game performance, and minimize soreness from movement.

For your help, we have also listed down a few basketball shoe options that cover all the advantages of getting the right footwear discussed above. However, if you still haven’t found your best fit, we recommend the Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 5 sneakers. It houses all qualities that every buyer wants and is undoubtedly the right footwear for basketball.