Air Jordan 31 REVIEW: Tech, Performance & Materials

Here we are – a brand new Jordan basketball shoe has came out just recently and I’ve played in it for long hours to decide if it’s any good on the court. So welcome to my Air Jordan 31 review!

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price. Let’s start the Air Jordan 31 review and find out if it’s better than last year’s AJ 30!


ZOOM AIR – we have a full-length ZOOM unit paired with the FlightSpeed technology for a pretty good cushion setup. It’s an upgrade from the 30 on paper, and it does bring a bit more to the table.

Flyweave – this is the shoe’s upper material on the forefoot area. Flyweave is a very soft, flexible and comfortable material, but here, it’s combined with something that makes it more supportive and durable.



The shoe did feel quite similar to the 30, but it gladly didn’t have the heel pain problem lots of people had. The Jordan XXX1 is quite comfortable, it isn’t too tight or too loose.

I’d say the form is pretty wide and I have a slightly wide foot, so this was a welcome addition for me. So wide footers, this might be a solid option for you.


As for the cushion, it’s definitely better than  the Jordan 30. However, it didn’t feel as awesome as it sounded on paper. Yeah, it’s full-length and FlightSpeed is there to accompany it, but it’s nothing more than good.

It is responsive, has good heel impact protection and the cushion sits pretty low to the ground, so court feel is still there. I liked the step transition, they didn’t restrict or slow down my movements at all. Still, I would prefer it to be a bit softer and bouncier, but that’s just me. This is a responsive setup, I’ll give it that.


Very similar to the Jordan 30. Pretty much solid with no problems on clean/average floors. Judging from the pattern and the rubber compound, it looks like it’s sensitive to dust and you’ll have to wipe frequently to maintain decent traction and not slide around.

The outsole doesn’t look that durable, I wouldn’t recommend these for heavy outdoor play.


This is definitely the shoe’s highlight. FLYWIRE and FlightSpeed is there, fit is snug and supportive, heel lockdown is great, forefoot containment is also good.

Now, I do have a slightly wide foot. Support might not be as good for a regular foot. I did say the form of the shoe is quite wide and roomy, which fits me fine. Nobody should have any lockdown/containment issues, but the overall support of the fit could be a concern. Keep that in mind before buying.


The upper is Flyweave in the forefoot and synthetic leather in the heel. I think this is a great combo of support and mobility/comfort. The heel area is really supportive and durable, while the forefoot is a little lighter, more flexible and breathable.

This is definitely a premium setup. Don’t worry about this part, it has you covered in all areas.




So I can definitely say that changed some stuff from last year and improved some areas. While I don’t see it as a phenomenal shoe, it’s pretty damn solid for what it has to offer.

Reasonably comfortable, solid cushioning, traction is fine but sensitive, support is good and materials are really nice.

I do recommend this shoe for pretty much every player, except like a center or a heavy power forward. If you can afford it, try them out. 


+ Responsive cushion with impact protection
+ Solid support
+ Materials are very premium and durable


 Traction is very sensitive to dust, not durable
 A little roomy for a narrow/regular foot

So the review of the Jordan 31 is done! I was really excited about this one and wasn’t disappointed.