Air Jordan XX9 Review | Pretty Amazing

The Air Jordan XX8’s were great to begin with, but they made the XX9 even better in some spots and a bit concerning in the others. Here is my Air Jordan XX9 review. We’ll take a look at its appearance, technology, performance & comfort and decide if it’s worth buying.


A great look for Jordan’s in my opinion – nothing to crazy or fancy, just a solid looking shoe with solid features. Nothing is unnessessary here and that’s what makes it stand out.

There is also a low-top version, so check that out if you’re more into low’s.

As of right now, there a are a bunch of colorways available, though their prices tend to differ a bit too much for some reason. All of them are still pretty beautiful and solid looking. You can check the colorways available here.


As strange as it is, there is no longer a ZOOM AIR unit in the heel area, now it’s a “compression-molded Phylon foam” as Nike calls it. It’s definitely not a bad setup though, it will provide softness and impact protection to some extent. The real candy is the ZOOM AIR unit in the forefoot section – and it’s amazing. Some people say this is the best ZOOM AIR cushion setup to date. And you can’t blame ’em – it’s really good.

Flight Web is similar to Nike’s FLYWIRE, which is a layer under the visible upper that tightens your foot and provides great lockdown, stability and slide prevention. It does it’s job nicely, so no complaints here.

FlightPlate is the little bridge between the heel and forefoot areas. It basically enhances the ZOOM AIR cushioning to make it more responsive, enhances the heel-to-toe transition. It’s brand new and introduced right in this shoe.


One of the shoe’s highlights is the perfect balance between court feel and cushioning. It’s soft and bouncy in the forefoot, but also responsive and light enough for great court feel. That’s pretty rare these days. ZOOM AIR cushioning is awesome where it’s available – it’s responsive, light, soft and like I said, balanced. That’s why this shoe can be very versatile – I think pretty much any position could rock these on court.

Traction isn’t the best in the world, but suitable. I don’t think it’s on the $200 level though, however it won’t fail you in terms of performance generally, but it’ll probably fail your expectations. The outsole’s pattern doesn’t collect dust too fast thanks to it’s relatively non-dense pattern. You’ll still need to wipe occassionaly, but not too often. Not sure how they would last outdoors, but looking at the rubber, it looks pretty solid and hard, so giving a try outdoors won’t hurt.

There is no lack of support whatsoever, even though the whole upper is made of ‘Performance Woven’. It’s built very nicely, so it’s loose, but supportive at the same time. It’s kinda hard to explain, but you shouldn’t be afraid for the support of the Air Jordan XX9’s. It has a TPU heel counter which also works nicely.

Comfort is easily the best aspect of the Jordan XX9. Everyone loves woven that’s done right. And this is a true example of a soft upper shoe – it has nothing but woven up there, which is reliable, light and EXTREMELY comfortable. When you shoes feel like thick socks – you know that they’re really comfortable. A rare thing these is day is the attention for wide footers – and this material stretches enough to be fully usable for wide feet. It is flexible for movements, but supportive on areas like the ankle collar, which makes this shoe one of the most comfortable sneakers out there.

The downsides to this material are just a few dents. There is a high chance that the corners of the upper (where it’s connected to the sole) could start peeling off pretty quickly, because no reinforcements have been used (like glue, Fuse etc.). Also woven lacks breathability, so heat will be a bit of a discomfort.

Air Jordan XX9 Review: FINAL VERDICT

The Air Jordan XX9 is definitely a top-quality shoe, which I think a lot of people love, even though the reviews are somewhat mixed. It has a premium quality upper that’s super comfortable, great performance with a few dents. It’s compactible with wide footers, has plenty of expensive tech.

Color selection is also huge, making the shoe one of the most popular Jordan’s right now. It has a beefy price, but almost all Jordans have, and if you are up for it, you won’t regret it.


  • Great balance between court feel and cushioning

  • Plenty of tech, some of which is brand new

  • Unbeatable comfort

  • Fully suitable for wide footers


  • No ZOOM AIR unit in the heel

  • Almost no upper ventilation

I hope you enjoyed this Air Jordan XX9 review, it is currently one of my favorite Jordan shoes on the market.