Are Allbirds Good Running Shoes?

Allbirds is a famous brand, and it makes nice eco-friendly shoes- this is what we all know about the brand. As your curiosity grows about the brand, and so are you looking for a pair of running shoes, Allbirds can be on your next shopping list.

But one thing is yet to discover- are Allbirds good running shoes? After all, the hype over a brand may not always be a sign of quality. Let’s find out how good Allbirds running shoes really are.

Are Allbirds Good Running Shoes: Here’s a Look

Tree Runners

Allbirds had several types of shoes and everyone liked those for good reasons- comfortable, durable, and machine washable. But when it launched its Tree Runners, it didn’t live up to what everyone expected. But there are Allbirds alternatives that look and feel like Allbirds, but come at a cheaper rate.

To be honest, the shoe itself isn’t bad, but the name attributed to it is a bit confusing.

It was supposed to be a running shoe, but turned out a casual walking shoe; you could wear it to explore the city, but it isn’t quite a great idea to keep them on while you are running a mile. Despite that, it’s a flexible shoe you can wear on several occasions to get a casual feeling.

Tree Dashers: Allbirds’ First Running Shoe

Tree Dashers are relatively new on the market, but they have already gained a lot of good impressions from the users. Tree Dashers have all the features that other Allbirds shoes have; they are comfortable, machine washable, and above all, they are eco-friendly. But these are not the only things you can expect.

Removable insole, rubber sole, a one-piece knit upper, ring eyelets, and shoelaces- these are the basic features of Tree Dashers. Simple, yet gorgeous, aren’t they? Interestingly, they are made from eucalyptus trees and sugarcane; the natural materials are sustainable and leave a very negligible size of carbon footprint.

Tree Dashers come in different colors and sizes. Women’s sizes range from 5 to 11, and men’s sizes range from 8 to 14.

Why Tree Dashers Rocks?

Although there are a number of options, you have good reasons to rely on Allbirds, especially when it comes to multi-purpose running shoes. Tree Dashers come with some great features that you don’t want to miss. Here are a few of them:


When I call it comfortable, I mean it. Sometimes, a shoe feels heavy and hard, but this one is very comfy thanks to its seamless, soft knit upper. No break-ins, rubbing, or itchy feelings can be felt when you have Tree Dashers on.

The eucalyptus-made mesh upper is a way for air to come in and out. Your feet don’t get hot and wet, even in a summer day. Plus, you can wear them without any socks.


Tree Dashers have a wide heel that is helpful when you run. It’s important because if the sole and heel are not supportive enough when landing, you may be injured, or feel pain after running a couple of miles.

Machine Washable

After running a couple of days, your shoes will definitely get dirty. If the shoes are machine washable, you can relax sitting on couch while the machine does the cleaning job. Just remove the insoles and laces, and throw them into the machine.


A pair of Tree Dashers costs around a hundred dollar. However, the great thing is you can enjoy a one-month trial and return it if you don’t like them. So, it’s a safe investment.

What It Lacks

Like every other products on the market, Tree Dashers also have some downsides. Although it is supportive enough when you are on a run, it is not suitable for every season, or occasion.

When it rains heavily, you may not find it helpful to wear. Slippery and water absorption may hold you back when running. The bulky sole is also need to be considered. Although it doesn’t feel too heavy, it is not the most lightweight one either.

Last Words

So, what do you think now, are Allbirds good running shoes? After knowing about the pros and cons, you know perfectly well that they are definitely good running shoes, especially the Tree Dashers.

If you are, however, a professional runner, or someone who takes running seriously, you may think otherwise.