Basketball Bets To Try Out

One of the best ways in which you can add an extra layer of fun to watching basketball is placing a couple of bets on the outcome. Back in the day the only bets you could only really find odds on the outcome of the game itself and perhaps also the point spread, but since the dawn of online casino and sports books, the range of markets has really grown in recent years and here are some of the more creative bets which you could look at taking on. Make sure that you pick a good site such as where you will find a sports book with plenty of markets. Once you have found your site, here are some bets to look at. 

Highest Scoring Quarter

Traditionally speaking we often see the second and third quarters as being the highest scoring, but this is not set in stone at all. Each game you find you will be able to bet on which the highest scoring quarter is, and you may find that you get some great value on those wagers. Make sure that you do your research of course, and pay attention to who is playing and when they generally get hot. There are many players in the league who warm up slow and finish hot, which could mean that the fourth quarter is worth a look. 

Individual Players

When it comes to adding a little bit of extra fun to a game that you are watching, be sure to focus on some individual player bets, as these can make it really exciting. A great option here is to pick a creative player, defensive player and a scorer, and then place some wagers on whether they will get over or under a certain amount of  blocks, steals, assists and points. If you are really feeling adventurous then you can take these selections and turn them into a multiple bet, to boost the overall odds. Placing these kinds of bets means that you will not only be watching the game, but you will also be watching tech individual players who you have backed. 

Season Long Bets

Another great option when it comes to basketball betting is looking to place some bets at the beginning of the season, predicting how each team will end up. Here you can back any team to finish in a certain position, or even a higher or lower bet on where they will finish up. If you have missed the start of the season then you can also look to place these bets when the season is over, and try to pick who will do what during the post season. These are fun bets because they are not over and done with in a single game, but rather slowly drawn out over the course of a season. 

These are some interesting bets which you may look to use in order to add some more fun to watching the basketball.