Basketball Betting: Three Reasons Why Basketball Betting Is So Popular

Sports betting is a very fun and entertaining activity, especially for the recreational punters. Betting can make a sports game more interesting because it allows fans to get more engaged and so it increases excitement and enthusiasm. This is why sports betting has grown so much, becoming actually the most popular type of gambling.

The king of sports when it comes to betting is basketball. In fact, on a global basis, basketball and football are the two sports that generate the biggest number of bets and bring the greater revenues to bookmakers. Overall the growth of sporta likmes is largely due to the continuously growing basketball betting.

What is it that makes basketball such an interesting, appealing and attractive sport for punters? Let’s see some of the basic factors that explain why betting on basketball is favored by punters.

First of all, basketball is a sport that is played in the largest part of the globe. From the United States and Europe to African and Middle East countries and from Australia and India to Japan and China, there is no place in the world where basketball is unknown.

And the thing is that, basketball is not only known to people all over the world, but it is a sport commonly played among younger individuals, in schools, both indoor and outdoor and this makes it one of the key sports activities done for recreational purposes. So, everybody knows at least the basics about basketball.

From a betting perspective, having some knowledge about a sport makes it far more interesting when deciding to wager. Considering that it is very important to bet on a game, let’s say, for which bettors have at least basic understanding on how it is played and which are the basic rules, we can easily see why basketball sits at the top of sports betting popularity.

Another factor that explains why punters prefer basketball is that it is so rich in events, promotions, competitions, leagues and championships that it is impossible for the betting markets to stagnate. And this makes it impossible for bettors to lose interest.

There is always something big and exciting to bet on – from national leagues like the NBA, to international leagues and global championships  like the Euroleague Basketball and the FIBA World Cup. Even if you are not into huge and high profile promotions, you can also find smaller domestic leagues in literally every corner of this world.

It is, therefore, a matter of supply and availability as well! Since there are so many games taking place every day, no matter where you are around the globe, you will definitely find a bet that will trigger your attention and will keep you interested!

Then it is also the depth of betting markets that largely contributes to basketball’s popularity in betting. Punters can find hundreds of different bets -not to say more than hundreds- in basketball and so they can certainly choose one that suits their needs.

Besides the basic types of bets including moneyline bets, over/under bets, outright bets and totals, there are countless many more markets which make basketball betting more enticing and more enjoyable for fans.

Basketball prop bets have a special role to play here. Not only are there fun and unusual props – which make them more appealing to punters, but there are also prop bets that are weird or peculiar, which make a game even more interesting! In big basketball leagues prop bets thrive and they get to gather really large volumes of bets and thus, generate really big revenues for sportsbooks.

Everybody knows basketball. It is a universal sport, played in every corner of the world and watched by millions and millions of people from every part around the globe. No wonder why basketball not only is one of the most popular sports to follow, but also one of the most popular sports to wager on.