Basketball is the sport of the future in Canada

The dynamic game of basketball is popular all over the world. Read on to find out why and how basketball is booming in Canada.

History of the sport

The basketball was invented by a Canadian physical education teacher, James Naismith, as far back as 1891. It took place while he was working at the Young Men’s Christian Association International Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The history of modern Canadian basketball began in 1967 under Premier Lester B. Pearson. Since then, basketball has become an international sport.

What’s the secret of success

A combination of factors leads one to believe that Vulkan basketball is the sport of the future in Canada. Much of the credit for it goes to the National Basketball Association (NBA) of North America, particularly the U.S. and Canada.

In recent years the league has emphasized international development and the growth rate has increased: 6.5% for the NFL and 15% for the NBA.

If this continues, by the end of the next decade the NBA will equal the NFL in terms of league revenues, something that once seemed unthinkable.

The success of basketball and sports betting online is also influenced by demographics. basketball fans are younger and from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Hockey fans, meanwhile, tend to be older.

Vince Carter as a pioneer

There are a number of reasons why basketball is so ingrained in the hearts of young new Canadians. One reason is a guy named Vince Carter. Many Canadians have their most vivid childhood memories associated with Vinsanity, which for a time bewitched Toronto.

Carter was the first to declare Toronto’s existence with his performance in the overhead throwing contest. It was thanks to Vince that many Canadian kids first picked up a basketball and tried to replicate what their hero was performing.

Popularity on social media

The star factor also can’t be dismissed. Any marketer will tell you that the most popular athletes are football and basketball players. This is largely due to the popularity and accessibility of these sports, but the same phenomenon has been noticed in America itself.

Leading players

The leading role in the development of international players is played by Canada, more specifically the Toronto region. Over the past decade, Canada has given the basketball world players such as

  • Jamal Murray;
  • Tristan Thompson;
  • Andrew Wiggins;
  • Nick Stauskas.

Canadian style of play

Canadian basketball combines an American and European style of play. On the one hand, Canadians pay more attention to technical aspects, typical for Europeans, but on the other hand, they are not forgetting the role of athleticism.

At the same time, unlike the Europeans, the Canadians have the opportunity to follow the same way as the Americans. Even as kids, they have the opportunity to try their hand against the best peers in America.

The bookmakers who offer basketball betting support youth teams specifically. And almost every driveway at home now has a basketball hoop where a hockey net once stood.