Basketball Players With Own Clothing Brand

Basketball athletes are carving out a niche in the apparel industry. Not just as models and brand ambassadors but fully-fledged entrepreneurs with their clothing lines.

Event drafts and pregame tunnel entrance are an NBA player’s runway. The athletes with their tall and model-like physique don different apparel to endorse their brands.

We have rounded up a list of the top NBA players with statement-making clothing brands. Let’s get into the fashions making waves on and off the court from our 6-foot+ athletes.

1. LeBron James

Arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, Who joined an exclusive club of players scoring more than 50 points in a match after the age of 35, LeBron James alias King James is not new to us. LeBron is however a household name in an alien field – apparel line.

We know the famous LBJ series of NBA-style sneakers and the famous Equality shoes by the star. James sports trendy designs and sometimes influences his team too.

During his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he bought $5000 worth of gray suits that the Cavs wore to every game and won every game with style, literally! James chose to wear his brand to the final which wasn’t the wisest idea as the Cavs lost that game. Magic in the suits? Maybe.

Currently, LeBron has a partnership with Nike that establishes his own apparel line through the brand. The deal is rumored to be close to a billion dollars when it matures.

At the end of his career, James’ clothing line is sure to take center stage. We will keep tabs on the only man who can wear a white shoe on one foot, a black on the other, sprinkle some gold, and make it an iconic style.

2. Russell Westbrook

The 2017 MVP is a bonafide fashion icon. Russell Westbrook is known for his bold clothing style. In 2017, just before his birthday, the Lakers point guard launched ‘Honor the Gift’ as his apparel brand.

The clothing line infuses LA style with a bit of retro sports designs. HTG, dubbed an athleisure brand, drives style and culture through the NBA. Under the mercurial point guard’s range of clothes, you will find African print splattered tees, faded hoodies, and painter jumpsuits as statement-making clothes.

Westbrook’s HTG and his other brand Westbrook XO contribute to the star’s $170 million net worth. Many players tacitly endorse his brand as the “creative collection that allows players to shed the light on social injustice and honor the victims and families of those who continue to inspire us.”

3. Nick Young

If anyone was going to dominate the overcrowded attire space it was to be Nick Young. The NBA star enjoyed an illustrious career as an NBA athlete. Young is widely regarded as the trailblazer of new school clothing. That is after Michael B Jordan.

Nick Young launched his line the MostHated brand in 2017. The iconic clothing under the brand is the thigh-high shorts. Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard tacitly endorsed it when the two wore them to the 2020 Championship game.

The retro fittings and street style look transcend NBA runways. You may spot Karrueche Tran or Odell Beckham Jr wearing Young’s design with the famous MostHated logo imprinted on them.


The new wave of basketball players with their clothing lines may spur a new generation of suave cum street style dressing. It is amazing to see NBA players build empires under their different clothing lines that generate waves on and off the court.