Benefits of Portable Basketball Hoop over Other Basketball Systems

A portable or mobile basketball hoop gives more convenience to players and beginners over other basketball systems. There are various reasons to believe it. Some of the major factors why people switch to this system are that these are convenient to play, portable to carry, come as a complete system, can be upgraded with added features, and more…

Benefits of Portable Basketball Hoop over Other Basketball Systems:


The idea of wall mount basketball system is old school now as more number of people are switching to the idea of portable. Being an outdoor game, basketball players or fans would prefer something that they can carry anywhere they travel.

No Mess:

In portable basketball hoop, you don’t have to drill or dig any holes or fix any poles to begin playing the game. These are easy to assemble systems. The fear of neighbours complaining about digging holes in the ground or putting restrictions on grounds where such games are not allowed is no more there with portable basketball systems as these do not have any mess.

Upgrade basketball hoops:

With portable basketball systems, you can easily upgrade to other basketball systems by introducing a breakaway rim to your current tools. You may have to connect with your manufacturer on the upgrade models and confirm whether your model will be able to balance the weight.


Portable mechanisms in basketball hoops have adjustable height mechanisms where you can adjust the height based on child and adults. There are a number of height adjustable mechanisms in the market to choose from. You may upgrade it later with your portable basketball too. The cheapest to go for is the screw-jack and hydraulic ones are the costliest.


The chances for wear and tear of portable basketball hoops are lesser compared to the other basketball systems. You may also check the reviews on specific models before picking the one for yourself. Branded models are no doubt expensive, but these last longer and come with warranty on the maintenance.

Which is more suitable for beginners?

If you ask us, always go for an independent basketball hoop (portable; it is because all the accessories and parts can be assembles and dissembled. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, what matters is how comfortable you are in installing your basketball hoop and how soon can you begin playing the game. As a passionate sport lover, you cannot think of wasting time sticking to one ground and installing the entire setup.

Portable Basketball Hoops go hand in hand wherever you go. Thus, you may not wis to stick to the old school style grounded basketball mechanism if you can carry it like a companion everywhere.

If you do have time to find which the right one for you is, visit your manufacturer and he will guide you the best. Do mention your requirements and budget to him. Check out all the other features like upgrade, budget, portability, comfort, warranty, and reviews before taking any decision.