Best Basketball Shoes For BOYS: Top Performance, Comfort & Price

After so many releases both in 2016 and 2017, the kids’ arsenal also expanded quite a bit. That’s why after a lot of research, I decided to make an updated list of the best basketball shoes for boys.

Six shoes that all have balanced cushion, good traction, comfort and proper support & lockdown for those growing feet. Here are the six best basketball shoes for boys!

I also included full reviews for the men’s version of each shoe. This should help you out to get a more in-depth opinion about the shoe since men’s versions don’t really differ from kid’s versions in terms of performance.





One of the best hoop shoes from adidas ever, both for men and boys. I picked this one the top model because of its incredible all-around performance, sheer comfort, and confident support.

My Rating: 10/10 | Type: Mid Top

What’s awesome about this one is materials are super soft, the shoe is extremely mobile and there’s plenty of mobility for your foot but the shoe still manages to offer awesome support & lockdown even with that thin Primeknit on top.

Balance is the key here and the full-length BOOST cushion on these is crazy. Impact protection, softness, bounce, comfort. Everything you need is combined here and you get one hell of a package to play in.





Younger players need to make sure their feet are protected at all cost and the Soldier 9 does that exceptionally well. I seriously haven’t seen a shoe that has better lockdown, containment, and support than this one. Plus, other performance areas are also great.

My Rating: 9.5/10 | Type: Mid Top

Next to awesome traction, versatile ZOOM AIR cushion and a solid mesh & Fuse upper, there’s that crazy lockdown system. You get the Flywire cable system, a sturdy upper, a great snug fit with no issues, a TPU heel counter and those straps that wrap around your entire foot, lock it in and never let go.

Seriously, if kids are looking for a shoe that will provide them confidence, this is it.



Another superb shoe that shines in versatility, balance and literally offering everything most players or play styles would need. And it’s considered as a cheaper model.

My Rating: 10/10 | Type: Low-Mid Top

BOUNCE cushion that’s bouncy, soft but responsive at the same time, killer traction, great all-around support and a solid FUSEDMESH upper. This is a fantastic all-around shoe that will provide grip, softness, comfort, durability and confidence for most young players out there. Especially for guards.

If you’re really picky and can’t really find the perfect shoe for your player type, then just go with this one.



Didn’t really expect much from Paul’s first signature but got a nice all-around shoe for a low price point. Nothing fancy or groundbreaking but nonetheless a solid shoe for boys.

My Rating: 9/10 | Type: Low Top

The selling point of the shoe for me is its balanced performance and a great fit which resulted in me forgeting that I have a shoe on while playing. It’s a low-profile type of shoe for that quick, light guard. Traction’s great, so as the responsive cushion setup and support & lockdown for a low.



One of my favorite shoes of 2016, this is a really good option for those more explosive, fast, heavier kids. Those who need lots of cushion and stellar support. And the Rose 6 does that brilliantly.

My Rating: 9/10 | Type: Mid Top

Full-length BOOST cushion is implemented beautifully here, providing you with supreme impact protection, that plush feel, and responsiveness. Support is another key feature thanks to StableFrame, a TPU heel counter, and a snug fit. Basically a really solid shoe for those who play on a more athletic level.



Last on the list is the popular option among kids and men. The KD 9 is a very fun shoe to play in thanks to its cushion but it’s also a very good performer in all areas.

My Rating: 8/10 | Type: Low Top

The shoe basically gives you all the pillars of a good performer: super bouncy unlocked ZOOM AIR cushion, amazing traction, moderate support with a focus on mobility and a very comfy, soft Flyknit upper. The fit is really narrow, so this might be a problem for wide footers.


Okay, that’s it for the list! I hope you found it useful! Check out the older version that has more of the 2016 releases!