Best Budget Basketball Shoes: Save Cash Big Time!

Who says you should be behind the latest basketball sneaker fashion just because you’re on a tight budget? You can still rock those cool kicks without making anyone to think that these are just $100 and below. But don’t belittle them because of the low price point – they can rival the more expensive sneakers out there in terms of performance as well as appearance.

Here are the best sneakers that don’t break the bank:

1. Nike Air Versitile II

Yes, “Versitile.” This is considered as an entry-level shoe; it packs all the essentials for a price that will not definitely make a big dent to your pocket. Its sleek and sharp looks make you think that it’s not a budget shoe. Many reviewers who have tried the Nike Air Versitile have reported their surprise at how this shoe fits their feet snugly. It is also known as durable and can resist wear-and-tear when worn on the court, so you can really rely on the Nike Air Versatile II. Perhaps because of its name too, this shoe can be worn as an off-the-court, on-the-street fashion.

2. Nike PG 2

NBA star Paul George’s signature sneaker, the Nike PG 2, was designed Tony Hardman. One of the most significant features of this shoe is its increased Zoom Air cushioning at the forefoot (10 millimeters), providing an extra nice spring to your every stride. Hardman added the “dynamic wings” at the forefoot for an increased support. The outsole is an improvement from its predecessor, the PG 1, as it provides a better traction that works well under on-the-court pressure.

3. Adidas Deerupt Runner

It is impossible to ignore this shoe because of its striking latticed appearance, but the Adidas Deerupt Runner is more than meets the eye. In every respect, this is a very good shoe. Most people who have tried this shoe would praise how comfortable it is, due to its flexible material. Even the eyelets lack the usual metal rings, which means that tying the laces will be less of a pain, and it also allows you to tighten or loosen your fit into the shoe more easily and flexibly. Another key factor of the Adidas Deerupt Runner is its good shock absorbency, thanks to its EVA midsole.

The Adidas Deerupt Runner can also be worn as a street fashion footwear, especially if you know how to rock it well.

4. Adidas Originals Rascal

Adidas Originals Rascal

The Adidas Originals Rascal’s design is not based on the Adidas Yeezy Powerphase, although these two shoes share some significant similarities. This shoe is actually a retro version of the Adidas Continental 80 Rascal, and you can see that by its classic sporty style. The upper is made of soft leather; It also has small perforations at the toebox area and the sides for ventilation as well as aesthetic factor, and is highlighted by red-and-blue stripes. Quite a looker on- and off-the-court, it is available in two colorways (black and white).

5. Puma RS-0 “Sound”

A re-hash of the popular RS (Running System) design from the 1980s, the Puma RS-0 is a fun and playful sneaker. It may tend to go on the chunky side, nevertheless this shoe manages to remain so sleek. Plus, there are many color options to choose from. The best choice though, will be the “Sound” version, which costs only $100. The upper is predominantly white with red and blue hits. This shoe is particularly cheap compared to the other “Sound” releases.

6. Reebok AztrekThe “dad shoes” comeback wave is palpably felt again in today’s basketball sneakers scene, and for this reason Reebok decided to launch the Aztrek, which is true to its original 90s form. The upper consists of chalk suede combined with royal blue mesh panels and pink-colored details. The majority of users who have tried this shoe have expressed at how comfortable it is. Others feel nostalgic towards its old school/retro style.

7. Nike Skylon 2

It seems that the 90s has never left. Nike launched the erstwhile vintage gem the Skylon 2 in mid-2018 in its first colorway, the “Grand Purple.” The company went on to release more 90s-flavored colorways, including a couple of women’s sneakers. Other than its retro silhouette and the iridescent colors of its side panel, the shoe also gets plus points for comfort and breatheability, not to mention of course its unbeatable price.

8. Adidas Campus Pride


This is one of the highest-rated budget sneakers in recent years. Part of Adidas’ “Pride” collection, the Adidas Campus sports a classic cream white color in almost of its entirety, with colorful details on the stripes. It has been widely praised because it’s clean-looking, subtly designed, lightweight and comfortable. Most importantly, the release of this sneaker is a tremendous gesture of Adidas’ show of support towards the LGBTQ community.

9. Under Armour Men’s NXT TBUnder Armour Men’s NXT TB is one of the shoes that satisfies most customers, who claim that it is made from premium materials. Actually, it is priced under a hundred bucks, but you’ll really get your money’s worth here. Aside from being a great-looking set of kicks, Under Armour Men’s NXT TB is also a great performance shoe. The dense inner wall padding gives this shoe a much-needed support. The upper is constructed of mesh made of TPU thread, embroided for additional support and optimum comfort. The full-length Micro G foam carrier and Charged cushioning are responsible for the shoe’s excellent responsiveness and court feel. Well, with all the good points here, it’s indeed hard to believe that you can get them from a budget shoe.

10. Nike Men’s Air Precision (Midtop)The Nike Men’s Air Precision is also one of those shoes that betrays its actual price because of its appearance and performance. The upper and midsole are made of light but durable materials, while the outsole is perfect not just for the indoor courts but also for the outdoors. You’ll get a superior lock-in feel unlike other reasonably priced sneakers. Plus the shoe’s midtop structure and design strike and perfect balance between high and low, it’s like a low-cut boot that gives your foot enough protection and great style.