Best football betting apps

Football betting has been there for a long time. Of late, betting on any sport became so trendy. It is an undeniable fact that currently, the betting industry has its worth of about 450 billion USD. Followers of the football game try to make money by predicting the game strategy, outcomes. There are certain criteria on which the football betting drives, like contests, direct match result betting. A building needs a good foundation; likewise, a good proposed bet needs a good app. Now, we will look at some of the best football betting apps from list.

Some of the best fantasy football betting apps

Let’s look on a list of best betting apps

Draft kings

Draftkings is an American-based online sports gambling company. Though the draft kings app offers users to bet on fantasy football betting, it is so convenient in betting for the match result. This app offers both free and paid betting. The match result is the mode to bet on the prediction of the match result. It is free for both Android and iOS. Winners are paid immediately in both fantasy football betting and direct match result betting. There are several contests held for popular football leagues like European football leagues with league-exclusive leader boards. We can also challenge friends through this app.


Betfair is one of the best online gambling companies in the world. Through this app, one can bet on a football match without a bookmaker. Professional betting can be experienced with this app. It enables fair exchange rates with better quotes for several football leagues all over the world. Bargaining is also allowed and there are certain innovative principles involved in making a betting exchange. After selecting one’s stake at required odds, the potential profit that one can make from the bet is displayed. There is a minimum stake for every bet exchange based on the football league. For new users, it provides free bet offers which are very useful to learn and expertise to start the betting exchange.


Fanduel is a sports-based betting company. It allows both fantasy football betting and direct betting on the match result. It has similar features as Draftkings. It has various contests on various football leagues all over the world. One can enter and can also compete with friends and others. It is available for free on both Android and Ios. In 2018, it released an innovative strategy of maintaining a sportsbook, which made it #1 in America’s sportsbook. It allows fans with more ways to win, which made many of the people get pulled into this app.

It may be a direct betting on match result or fantasy football betting, nothing can ensure the guarantee to win. But these apps can ensure safe entertainment with pure involvement in the game with user-friendly and modern software. It is a great and easy opportunity to make money. What more you are looking for, go and sign up. Languages may differ; it is the love of football that unites us. Assemble your strategies and get easy money.