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Best OUTDOOR Basketball Shoes: My Best Picks!

Streetball players, listen up! I dedicate this to people who tend to play basketball mostly outdoors. Maybe you just love playing outdoors or you’re confused what to get or maybe you can’t get access to a gym. Regardless, today we’ll talk about the best outdoor basketball shoes.

I’ll list seven shoes that are capable of outdoor play due to their durable traction, strong upper and affordability. Check out the brand new refined list of 2018!

Best OUTDOOR Basketball Shoes 2018: Dame 4



adidas’s latest masterpiece. Yes, I mean it. They have killer all-around performance along with the properties of an awesome outdoor shoe at an affordable price. The Lillard line keeps getting better and keeps being in my favorite shoe rotation every year,

My Rating: 9.5/10 | Price: $115 | Weight: 12.96 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Dame 4 has full-length BOUNCE cushioning and the upper is mesh with nylon reinforcements for durability.

Simply put, it’s tough to beat Dame’s releases, especially at that price point. You can tear these outdoors yet they still give you awesome BOUNCE cushion, a comfortable upper that doesn’t feel like sturdy annoying leather and just overall beastly performance. I don’t think there’s a better shoe for just about any guard out there today, especially for $115.

Best Place to Buy: AMAZON | FINISH LINE

Best OUTDOOR Basketball Shoes 2018: Rose 8



Probably my favorite shoe right now, this one has basically everything you’d want from a good basketball shoe. All-around performance? Check. Comfort? Check. Durability? Check. Outdoor capable? Check.

My Rating: 10/10 | Price $140 | Weight: 14.92 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Rose 8 has full-length BOOST cushion and GEOFIT internal paddings to truly enhance the shoe’s comfort.

This is the probably the most comfortable, softest and lightest feeling Rose shoe yet. Cushioning is simply amazing – responsive, comfortable, lots of impact protection. You just can’t beat BOOS, especially when it’s a little bit better with every shoe. Traction is awesome and it’s durable, even though the pattern doesn’t look so.

Since this is the least restrictive model, support isn’t as tank-like as the previous ones but it should be enough for most players.

Best Places to Buy: AMAZON | FINISH LINE

Best OUTDOOR Basketball Shoes 2018: Mad Bounce


An out-of-nowhere budget model from adidas. This is once again a great all-around performer with superb comfort, outdoor capabilities and a CRAZY low price tag.

My Rating: 9/10 | Price: $100 | Type: Mid Top

The Mad Bounce has full-length BOUNCE foam along with a FUSEDMESH upper.

BOUNCE cushion doesn’t feel any worse than BOOST at all – it’s awesome. Traction is amazing and durable, despite the fact that you will have to wipe frequently.

Support is great and doesn’t restrict movements at all. This is an awesome shoe that would fit pretty much any guard or a shooting guard and for that price plus a superb fit, this can easily be your go-to outdoor shoe.

Best Places to Buy: AMAZON


Best OUTDOOR Basketball Shoes: LeBron Soldier IX


This is something that surprised me with their killer lockdown, support, and just overall solid performance with enough powder to play outdoors. And at a reasonable price.

My Rating: 9.5/10 | Price: $130 | Weight: 14.64 oz | Type: Mid-High Top

The has ZOOM AIR cushioning in the heel and forefoot areas and the FLYWIRE system for lockdown & containment. The upper is mesh with Fuse in high-wear areas.

The cushion setup is best for bigger players. They do have good impact protection and solid responsiveness. Traction is simply amazing and pretty durable for outdoor play. Support is simply the best I’ve ever experienced in a basketball shoe. They’re comfortable and have unrivalled lockdown. Small forwards and above will enjoy these the most.

Check out the new Soldier 10! You’ll find out if it improved from this one.

Best Place to Buy: AMAZON | FINISH LINE

Best OUTDOOR Basketball Shoes 2018: Rising High 2


The successor to the first Rising High comes with some solid improvements, yet stays at the same price and is still a great streetball option.

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Price: $110 | Type: Mid Top

The shoe has an unlocked ZOOM unit in the forefoot along with a Phylon midsole. There’s also the FlightPlate system for torsional stability and proper step transitions and Flywire cables for lockdown.

So they have a nice fit and are fairly comfortable despite the sturdy upper. Cushioning is nothing amazing, but it’s very “in-between”, so all playstyles could play in these. Traction is superb outdoors and support is also plenty for pretty much any type of player. Something we don’t see too often from Jordan.

Best Place to Buy: AMAZON | FINISH LINE

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes: Nike Kobe Mentality II


A relatively new model with some improvements over the first Mentality. The cost of this Kobe shoe is only $100, so you can tell right away this is going to be a bang for your buck.

My Rating: 8/10 | Price: $100 | Weight: 9.03 oz | Type: Low Top

So the Mentality II has full-length Lunarlon cushioning and the upper is Flyweave.

This is a shoe that’s made for light low-profile guards because the cushion on these is pretty firm and barely has any impact protection. They are really responsive though. They’re very comfortable and traction is one of the best EVER, especially outdoors. Support isn’t something to look for because of that soft Flyweave upper. You do get a lot of mobility, so if that’s what you want from a shoe, these ones are for you.

The Mentality line is now gone and we have a replacement called the Mamba Instinct. Check the review out because it’s a solid improvement!

Best Places to Buy: AMAZON | EASTBAY

Best OUTDOOR Basketball Shoes 2018: Kyrie 3


After a very good Kyrie 2, the third model comes in being very similar with some minor improvements here and there. However, one thing is still the same – the shoe is the definitive pick for an outdoor player who needs maximum reliability.

My Rating: 9/10 | Price: $120 | Weight: 13.04 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Kyrie 2 has ZOOM AIR cushioning in the heel and the upper is mesh and lots of Fuse.

The shoes are comfortable, very supportive, they have one of the best tractions ever on a shoe and they’re extremely durable. Basically picks up right where the Kyrie 2 left off. One thing that stands out is that minimal cushion setup. It’s a bit better than the Two but still very firm and barely gives you any impact protection.

If you’re someone who prefers that super low to the ground setup, this is fine. Otherwise, I suggest going with something different.

Best Places to Buy: AMAZON | FINISH LINE




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Alright, that’s it for this spotlight of the best outdoor basketball shoes! I really hope you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful.

If you have no idea what all those tech names mean (BOOST, FLYWIRE…), then check out my article explaining them in a simple manner.

What do you think about these shoes? Which ones are your favorites? Maybe you’ve decided on a purchase? Or you have a question I can answer?

Leave a comment down below and I’ll get back to you!

100 thoughts on “Best OUTDOOR Basketball Shoes: My Best Picks!”

  1. Tammy says:

    Great reviews on all the outdoor basketball shoes. It will be hard for me to pick one for my son and husband. They only play on weekends so maybe you have a recommendation? I do know that I do not want any twisted ankles. They are not super active guys and a little on the big mac side lol.

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      If they only play on Sundays, then I recommend something as cheap as possible. Go with the Kobe Mentality II – it’s only 100 bucks OR the HyperRev 2015. They’re both cheap and the HyperRev 2015 is an AWESOME performer with good support.

  2. Russel says:

    Awesome! I love KOBE SHOES! Thanks for the reviews. I have been playing outdoors. But I just wear whatever I want to wear. Whew! haha! Are there specific shoes for outdoor and indoors? How to determine which one is for outdoor and indoor? Appreciate If you can give some advice. CHEERS!

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      No, there aren’t shoes that are made SOLELY for outdoors. All mainstream basketball shoes are made for indoors, just some of them are playable outdoors.

      The main criterias are: hard and durable rubber, the traction pattern has to be aggressive looking and sharp-shaped, upper materials have to be durable, sturdy (like Fuse or leather).

      1. Michael David Gregory says:

        Wrong… there are several shoes that are made with outdoor play in specifically off the top of my head of course the Reebok Blacktop all models designed for asphalt and concrete use. I was kind of surprised that this list only had two brands of shoes and didn’t really go into the support of each type or the positions that each type of shoe is made for.

  3. Tanya Z says:

    Love your review. I think that all of nike shoes are actually the best onces. I train every single day , i tried all the brends before and i realised that Nike shoes are the most comfortable onces. I love the fact that they have customize models for every kind of sports. Thx

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Well, I wouldn’t say Nike is THE best brand of shoes. Yeah, they do have a lot of great models, but other brands definitely have some too. Again, this comes back to my post that there’s no best thing.

      It’s cool that you train every day!

  4. Chuka says:

    Hi Julius, great in-depth spotlight. Before I started reading, I scrolled down to look at each one. Never judge a a book by its cover (good or bad) because the ones that look aesthetically pleasing to me did not make the grade,

    It’s also good to know what to look out for in outdoor shoes.

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Yeah, that’s definitely correct. It’s best to not get fooled by the looks.

  5. Shannon says:

    Excellent and thorough review of these basketball shoes. I had no idea that there were different shoes for indoor and outdoor playing. I’m glad I came across this because my youngest son has been wanting to join a rec ball team and I will need to get him some shoes. It’s amazing how basketball shoes and running shoes have morphed to look very much alike in a lot of ways. I guess that’s how you get the best performance. Keep up the good work here on your website! 🙂

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Thanks a bunch, really appreciate it!

  6. Edwin says:

    I love it – You make me want to go out and get some kicks. I personally like the HyperRev 2015 and of course the Air Jordan XXX.

    I don’t play basketball, but I do some outdoor sports like handball and tennis.

    If I was in the market right now, with my budget, I would definitely try the HyperRev Nike 2015.


    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      The HyperRev’s definitely won’t disappoint you.

  7. Suzanne says:

    Brilliant! I have been looking for the right baseball shoes and am so happy I found this. I think out of the selection above I would definitely be choosing the NIKE ZOOM HYPERREV. I like it that you have this one up top!

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      The HyperRev’s are definitely an awesome choice. It’s a shoe that not a lot of people know and not the most popular, but it’s definitely great.

  8. Marcelo says:

    Wow! If I haven’t read it, I’d go for an Air Jordan, but now I’ll probably choose one of the Nike options. I don’t want to wear shoes that are not meant to be used outside the court 😉

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      There are some Jordans that are good for outdoors, but in the case of 2015, you shouldn’t aim at Air Jordans.

      No problem! 🙂

  9. simon says:

    Hi Julius great read, last year I went for the Nike Zoom Hyperev, These were great to wear really comfy and light weight not to such what I want to get next, I like the look of the Air Jordan xxx so will have to check them out. Thanks for the info

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      I do want to warn you that a lot of people are having some major problems with the Jordan XXX. So if you’re getting them, I do recommend trying them out in a store first, then you can buy online.

  10. Jaron says:

    I don’t play much basketball. However, those AIR Jordan XXX’s look awesome! I’d by them just to wear out.

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Yeah man, a lot of people buy these just for looks.

  11. Amogh says:

    I usually play the PG or SG position, half court, and always outdoors. Will the Kobe’s expose my ankles too much as I do a lot of stopping and starting? Also, right now I am stuck between the HyperRev 2015 or the Kyrie 2’s. Which one do you think would be a better option for outdoor play around 2-3 times per week?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      The Kobe’s won’t hurt your ankles if you know how to play with your legs properly. I wouldn’t go with if you’re explosive and drive a lot.

      The HyperRev 2015 is DEFINITELY the better balanced option. It has superb comfort, good cushioning, reliability and solid traction. The Kyrie 2’s have the best traction right know, but cushioning on those is pretty lackluster.

      So for the more all-around shoe, go with the HyperRev 2015. Just for traction, go with the Kyrie 2’s.

      P.S. Sorry for the late reply 😀

  12. Jason says:

    Wow some great reviews here lots of choice. I personally like the AIR JORDAN XX9 best but that’s Just me I guess everyone has there unique style and they seem to fit mine.
    Keep up the good work

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Not only that the Air Jordan XX9 fits your style, but it’s one of the best all-around basketball shoes EVER.

  13. Bradley says:

    Is the Kobe 11 em good for outdoors? How about the Lillard 2? Or the XX9 Low?
    Are they all good outdoors?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      I wouldn’t recommend the Kobe 11 EM for outdoors since the pattern is still pretty weak. The Lillard 2 is definitely a pretty good choice for outdoors. The Continental Rubber on those is awesome and durable. As for the XX9 Low, again, not the best choice, but it would work. They clog upvery quickly and the materials aren’t too durable.

      Out of the three, the D Lillard 2 is the best.

  14. Carter says:

    Are Kyrie 1s good also?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      They’re decent, but have some problems. Genrally, I would go for the Kyrie 2.

      Here’s the Kyrie 1 review, check it out if you want to. 🙂

  15. Dallin says:

    I really like your #1 recommendation! I would definitely believe that those are the best outdoor basketball shoes. Plus they have the added bonus of working well inside as well!

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Yeah man, I’m sure you wouldn’t regret playing in those 🙂

  16. Jorge says:

    Great post you done a nice job off reviewing the shoes, i don’t play as often as i once did but when i do it’s always outside. Parks around me always have a good turn out so i definitely need to get back into it i think the best shoe for me would be the HyperRev i’m all about getting a bang for my buck.

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      You wouldn’t regret it with the HyperRev! Great stuff both indoors and outdoors.

  17. Jose says:

    I have been using Reebok Kamikazes and they give great ankle support. Im kind of a newbie to the game but I play as hard as I can. I like these shoes but they only last me about a year. Is that what I should expect from shoes in general?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      I think that you shouldn’t expect shoes to last for 1 year generally. Every single shoe is different and there are all kinds of different factors to it as well.

      So of course the more durable and well-built the shoes is, the more durable it is. The traction pattern has to be stiff and durable, your play style and many more.

      But all those shoes here that are mentioned are one of the most durable you can get, so I think you shouldn’t worry about that.

      1. Harry Marcos says:

        I want a shoe that have a great support and durable one!I personally like the D Rose 7 .And i play in a indoor court with concrete surface.Can you recomm me a shoe which have a great support,very responsive and had a great traction!!

        1. Julius Kralikas says:

          If you emphasize support that much, I would go with the LeBron Soldier IX. Those things have crazy lockdown/support and traction is also just fine outdoors.

  18. daniel says:

    are you sure hyperrev 2015 is the on to go? i thought the traction is great durable but the mesh will not last long as i hear in some reviews im scared 🙁

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      It’s definitely a good outdoors shoe. The upper is mesh with Fuse reinforcements and it’s actually constructed very well, so they are durable.

      Of course, not THE most durable shoes, but they’re my #1 pick because of awesome all-around performance, good price point AND definitely solid durability.

      Go for it.

      1. Tom says:

        I play outdoors, at the weekends for 2-3 hours, so how long will the Kyrie 2 last? How about the D rose 6 and the HypeRev. I usually drive and I don’t mind much about cushion. Thanks.

        1. Julius Kralikas says:

          The Kyrie 2 will last the longest outdoors because the pattern on those is very durable and aggressive. The D Rose 6 and the HyperRev 2015 should last pretty long too.

          But since you don’t care about cushion, the Kyrie 2 is definitely to go then. It has one of the best tractions EVER and it’s good for outdoors.

  19. Ezequiel says:

    How do the kobe 11 solid rubber outsole perform in outdoors?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Traction on them is great, but it’s extremely sensitive to dust/dirt like I said. And the pattern on them is very pliable. The Kobe 11 is pretty much a pure indoors shoe.

  20. Jason says:

    Hi, I was wondering what shoes I should get when I regularly play the PG and SG position. I don’t usually do drives and I’m mostly an outside shooter. I’m stuck on either the D Rose 6 or the Kobe Mentality 2.

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Between the two options you said, the Rose 6 is a better all-around performer. It has way better cushioning and support. But you said you were mainly a shooter and you don’t drive much, so in this case I think pretty much all the shoes would be good here.

      Think about the HyperRev 2015 too, it’s pretty cheap and should definitely fit a shooter.

  21. Yasmin Rashid says:

    Hey, great site and very informative reviews on the outdoor shoes. Which would you recommend for a beginner?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or not, all shoes are just shoes. It depends on your playstyle, but I generally would go with the HyperRev 2015 for a very balanced performance. It fits most players well.

      If you’re more of a guard, then I’d go with the D Lillard 2.0.

      But again, all the shoes I recommended here have their advantages.

  22. Vasko says:

    Hey bro nice job, what do you think about way of wade encore 2.5 is it good for outdoors?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Thanks! Regarding the Way of Wade Encore 2.5, I’ve never played in it, so I can’t really comment on it. Judging from the outsole, it doesn’t look that aggressive, but don’t my word for it. Maybe I’ll do a review someday.

  23. Helix says:

    Hi, awesome site bro i have question what do you think about nike hyperlive for outdoor use is it durable ? And what do you suggest hyperlive or d rose 6 ?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Yeah, the HyperLive is pretty durable and I mentioned in my review that it’s a not bad outdoor option.

      Still, I’d definitely go with the Rose 6 just because it has better all-around performance, awesome BOOST cushion and you can even choose what kind of upper you want that’s dependant on the colorway. I just like the shoe more than the HyperLive.

      1. Helix says:

        Thx for reply man. In my city i have only this colorway 🙁 what kind of upper is this.

        1. Julius Kralikas says:

          I’m pretty sure this is the Synthetic Suede option. Not my favourite, but this is one of the most durable and supportive options out there. Great for outdoors.

          1. Mason says:

            Hey man nice reviews!I recently picked up playing basketball and around my area there isnt any indoor court.i didn’t know anything about shoes last time,so I went and got a running shoes adidas benvard m.i want to rock a shoe that is super durable and look presentable casually.i thinking about hyperrev it a good choice?

          2. Julius Kralikas says:

            Yeah, if it looks good for you casually, then it’s a good choice. The shoe is definitely durable and has great all-around performance. If I were you, I’d simply go with my #1 or #2 recommendtion, but again, if the HyperRev 2015 fits your taste, then it’s fine.

  24. Willem says:

    I can’t speak for the other models but the Rose 6 is my go to shoe for indoor play. I really regretted taking it outside because the traction pattern wore out hella fast. It pretty much trashed the shoes within a few weeks (I only use them for solo practice now because I can’t rely on them gripping the floor during games. The traction pattern is rather shallow and the rubber is soft. I don’t wanna throw shade on the rest of your post, cuz I haven’t tried the other models, but I can definitely say that the Rose 6 is NOT an outdoor shoe. In fact, the reason I looked up outdoor shoes in the first place is because I ruined my Rose 6’s outside. Don’t get me wrong, the shoes are amazing otherwise. Traction was flawless indoors, Boost is amazing (literally cured my shin splints), lockdown is great, strong support. But dont take them outside or you’re going to be investing in another pair pretty quick.

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      It’s weird because I actually experienced completely otherwise. The Rose 6 DID hold up very nicely and I play with it outdoors to this day. It could be that the rubber compound is a little different on each colorway, just like how the uppers are.

      I get what you’re saying, but this is kinda weird. Maybe I should try another pair of them and see if they hold up.

      Thanks for the input!

  25. Yoshi says:

    How do the kobe 11 solid outsole perform in outdoors? If i play twice in outdoor is it a little durable? Because its solid outsole so i was wondering

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      It’s definitely not a durable outsole compared to other good outdoor shoes. Even though it’s a bit stronger than the translucent option and it attracts dust a little less, I still wouldn’t recommend the Kobe 11 for outdoors, even if it’s only twice a week you’re playing.

  26. harold wilson layang says:

    K1x basketball shoes are made for outdoor

    Durable upper and traction

    But it built like old fashion blacktop shoes with limited or less ventilation

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      And they really lack superior tech like adidas, Nikey and others offer. That’s why I never mention these underdog brands. They are cheaper and probably good for outdoors, but they simply cannot match the levek of comfort and performance of the largest brands.

  27. SHAWON says:

    Which one is the best sneaker for durability? I donn’t play #Basketball,but I want to put on a pair of #Basketball shoe for lasting.So which is the best sneakers for durability or lasting?

    Sorry for my bad English ?????

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      I think I’d go with the AJ Rising High simply because it has the sturdiest upper of all. It’s an overall tough shoe and should be comfy enough for general training.

  28. Mehzz says:

    Would you say the D Lillard 1’s would last long outside

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      I wouldn’t even recommend the D Lillard 1’s at all. Unless you have them of course, I’d say they wouldn’t last as long as the 2’s because they don’t have Continental Rubber.

  29. Winston Ong says:

    Hey Julius, are the Crazy Explosives or D Rose 7 good for outdoor balling? and how long will they last?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      I’m afraid both shoes aren’t that great for outdoor play.

      The Rose 7 being a bit more durable, I’d still go with something from this list.

  30. Ong Chan says:

    Which one do you think is better for outdoor use:
    1. UA Clutchfit Drive 3 Low
    2. CrazyLightBoost 2016 Low

    I read your review and both of them seem pretty durable outdoor. They both have the same price range as well though.
    I just hesitate which one should I cop :/

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      I’d go with the CLB 2016 because it’s simply a better well-rounded shoe. Go with the jacquard upper and you’ll get yourself one of the best basketball shoes of 2016.

  31. Harris says:

    I only play outdoors . Unfortunatetly the only choices that I have are D Rose 7 or Curry 2.5 or 3 for outdoors. ( I can buy anything with 140€ in a specific shop and it only has this options).
    The D rose fits me best with the only problem being the big toe hurting a bit in jump landings. My playstyle is very athletic and explosive and I attack the basket very often.
    What do you think is the best option for me? I want the shoe to last as long as possible.

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      That’s the thing with Rose’s shoes, almost all of them have that toe problem, especially the 7. If you could live with it, your best choice would in fact be the Rose 7 for that playstyle.

      However if you can’t stand that, I’d with the Curry 2.5. It has the best cushion out of the Two, 2.5 and 3.

      1. Harris says:

        Thank you very much!

  32. Fhnhjug says:

    Are the soldier 10s good for outdoor
    How long will they last

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      I wouldn’t recommend the Soldier 10’s. Outdoors or indoors, they should just falls in many aspects.

  33. Andy says:

    Is the Kyrie 1 or Crazy Explosive good for outdoors? I only play outdoors, half court four times a week, and I need something that will last.

    Also, what do you think of the Nike Air Versatile?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      The Kyrie 1 sucks as an overall shoe, so I wouldn’t get that one at all. And the Crazy Explosive has a weak outsole, so neither of the shoes I’d recommend for outdoor play.

      I recommend going with anything in this list.

  34. Bhuvanesh Balakrishnan says:

    hey buddy , i would like to know your honest opinion about ADIDAS DT BASKETBALL MID SHOE good for playing outdoors and will it be good for ankle and durability of the shoe ? . The link is given

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      I simply don’t know since I didn’t play in them nor even heard about them. This is something you’re gonna have to try yourself or ask around.

  35. Dan says:

    Dude I can’t stand Lebron but his shoes are sick! Also love Damian’s shoe but it looks too low for me since I have ankle issues. I’m thinking about going with the Hyperrev but in a different color. Probably black since it goes with the everything. Thanks for the awesome review!

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      No problem man!

  36. Erick says:

    Thank you so much for this list. 😊 There are so many shoes to choose from which makes it hard for me. I play everyday basketball outdoor at recess and lunch as well as Sunday’s. So which do you recommend will be the most durable and effective shoe so that i don’t lose grip on the court?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Simply either the #1 or the #2 pick. There’s a reason they’re up there. Unmatched performance no matter the court condition plus great durability.

  37. Loco-Erick says:

    Hey i am not sure if you received my previous comment but incase if you didn’t here goes: I just wanted to say thanks for the great reviews and keep up the good work😊👍. Although one thing is i still don’t know what to choose. I play at school recess and lunch Monday-Friday. Also i play on Sundays. So which shoe would you recommend?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      I mean I’d obviously recommend the top two picks. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t choose them unless the performance doesn’t match your needs (cushion, upper). Anything from this list is great man, don’t overthink it, read the reviews and take what you like and think will suit you.

      1. Erick says:

        Sorry i didn’t receive your comment until like a week later so sorry about that second comment. Just foget it 😊 but keep up the good work😊👍

  38. Yarl says:

    Hey Julius, what do you think of customizable NikeID shoes with XDR outsoles? Are these things good?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      There’s a luck factor for both NikeID and miAdidas shoes. Sometimes you get great quality materials, sometimes you get cheaper alternatives which is disappointing. As for XDR outsoles, yeah, they’re more durable than your regular indoor rubber compounds, but I don’t really have much experience with them.

      You can always try but if you wanna be safe, go with the shoes that are proven to be durable outdoors. Just like all these shoes in the list (which I will update soon).

      1. Yarl says:

        Damn, that’s abit of a bummer. I was thinking of customizing a CP3.X shoe with an XDR outsoles. Guess I’ll have to look for other alternatives. Thanks.

  39. Jastin Tordillo says:

    I would like to speak for the Nike Kobe Mentality 2, why would you rate it 8/10 when it only has 1 problem…I used it a lot of times but there is nothing wrong when I use it, even without the ankle support.

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Because it’s a personal preference, because every single player out there has different needs, different playstyles, different builds, because it depends if you play indoors or outdoors. And I wouldn’t consider that a problem, but more of a think that doesn’t really suit me. I hope that answered your question.

  40. kaleZG says:

    Thanks for this article man, i dont have a bball shoe since my M10’s and those black green Flywire 201(?) teared up.I slash a lot and rely on my athleticism in a lot and the lillard 2’s are my pick. However there aren’t any in my size in my area so i will order them online. What shoe would you recomend i try out for the size/shapethat is the closest to Lillard 2s

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      The Dame 3’s lol. These aren’t on this list (I’ll be updating it soon) but they’re super similar to the 2’s in terms of performance and bring some improvements as well.

  41. Rahmat says:

    I stuck between , crazylight boost or soldier 9 .
    Which suit my playstyle best ? . I’m a SF , crash the board but i didn’t drive a lot , i did a lot of pass . Which one should i cop ?

    1. Rahmat says:

      I play outdoor all the time

    2. Julius Kralikas says:

      Maybe I’d consider the Soldier 9 more since it has better specs for heavier/bigger guy’s standards. Lockdown and support on those are phenomenal. BOOST cushion on the CLB 2016’s is awesome, but the durability, lockdown, support and fit areas of the shoe are better for your position and playstyle, in my opinion.

  42. Albert says:

    Thank you for the post.

    My little brother is getting into basketball. He is obsessed with it. His birthday is next week and would like to buy a shoes for him but know nothing about basketball shoes
    So this post was really helpful for me.
    Now I know what to buy

    Thank you again and keep up the good work

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Glad to hear I helped you!

      I’ll definitely keep up the good work lol!

  43. Steve says:

    Thank you for your post. It’s so helpful for me, I will try “ADIDAS D ROSE 6 BOOST”. Keep up the good work.

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Appreciate it! I think you won’t regret getting the Rose 6.

  44. Martin Bobs says:

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