Best Place to Buy Basketball Shoes Online: Personal Picks

This seems to be a very popular question among players – what is the best place to buy basketball shoes online? I really understand that certain people are afraid or hesitant to buy shoes off a site they don’t know.

So today in this quick post, I just want to help out and talk about the best place to buy basketball shoes online. Well, several places.

Let’s get on with it!


Let’s cover the main factors that I’ll focus on: price, availability and purchasing.

These stores have the best prices with frequent sales/discounts. They also have the best availability and newest models early. And lastly, the buying procedure is very easy with quick (and sometimes free) shipping.


So obviously, your most “legit” bet would be to buy shoes off the main brand stores. Their prices aren’t actually bad if compared to other stores. Definitely can’t go wrong with any of them if you’re concerned about safety.



Under Armour

The latest shoes are always released there first, so that’s cool. One thing to keep in mind, these main brand stores don’t sell older shoes. Like when a 2016 shoes comes out, they don’t restock 2014-2015 shoes anymore. If you want something older, look into the other options below.


Quite a few people don’t seem to know this one, but it’s AWESOME. They easily have the best prices with very frequent sales AND relatively quick (and sometimes free) shipping.

Variety isn’t a problem too, latest releases arrive almost as soon as brand stores. Pretty cool. If you didn’t know this one, I strongly recommend taking a look.


So the first three are the ones I personally always use, but there are of course a lot of others.

Foot Locker, Finish Line, DICK’s Sporting Goods and a few others.

The thing is, most of them don’t have a good selection and that’s critical if buying a latest shoe.

And then you could always buy from eBay, but risk is a factor there. I’m not getting into too much detail about it, but stay away from eBay if you want super safe and trustworthy experience. eBay should be your very last resort, at least in my opinion.


Alright, so I hope you found this quick post useful! Feel free to browse around my Buyer’s Tips section for similar shoes tips!

I do want your opinion on these stores! Do you have a favorite? Maybe have a question?

Let me know in the comments down below and I’ll get back to you! 🙂