Best Traction Basketball Shoes: Grip the Floor Like CRAZY

Traction is a crucial aspect of a basketball shoe. It can be comfortable, have beastly cushion, steel-level support, but if doesn’t grip the floor right, it’s useless. So this article will list the five best traction basketball shoes to come out this 2018.

They have phenomenal traction, but also good all-around performance which is obviously important. Alright, here are the best traction basketball shoes!

1) Under Armour HOVR Havoc Low

Under Armour’s latest contribution to sneaker technology is the HOVR cushioning, which was once available only in some its running sneakers. It consists of an encapsulated HOVR foam wrapped up with something called Energy Web mesh, which provides a comfortable and smoother move on the court – plus, the impact that it absorbs will be returned to your foot as a form of energy.

Another thing going on for the Under Armour HOVR Havoc Low is the excellent traction. The patterns are thick and wide-spaced, making the shoe suitable for playing on most surfaces. This is good for quick and agile guards who tend to make quick and sharp turns on the floor.

2) Adidas Crazylight Boost 2018

One of the most enduring Adidas sneaker lines is the Crazylight, and part of its longevity is its consistent and solid performance on the court.

This newest iteration of the Adidas Crazylight, the Crazylight Boost 2018, has one of the best tractions out there yet. The pattern of the outsole’s rather wide grooves are reminiscent to those of the Crazylight 2016. The grooves on the outsole allow you to make decisive stops and sharp directional changes on the court. Their wide spacing means you don’t have to gather too much dust when you’re playing at a dirty indoor court or even outdoors, adding to this shoe’s versatility.

3) Under Armour Curry 4

This high-top silhouette features a knit internal sleeve and microfiber synthetic panels on the upper, among other amazing things. But we should focus more on the outsole…

While herringbone is the classic and reliable traction pattern, the Under Armour Curry 4 has none of it. Instead, it uses an entirely different pattern – the cross-centric pattern. This is great because it allows for a multi-directional coverage no matter how the player moves on the court. This also means the he will never have to experience any lags or delays whenever he makes quick and sudden directions. This rather unusual traction pattern is actually one of Under Armour Curry 4’s strongest points.

4) Nike LeBron 16

One of the newest to come out of the Nike LeBron line is the Nike LeBron 16. It features a premium Battleknit 2.0 upper, which is a type of Flyknit material and is considered to be Nike’s strongest knit ever yet. Special features inlcude the words “We Are Family” on the left heel and “The LeBron James Family Foundation” on the right heel. All proceeds from this shoe will go to LeBron James’ pet project, I Promise School, in his hometown in Akron, Ohio.

Aside from the formidable upper material, the LeBron 16 features a rubber outsole with a thick and deep traction pattern. This allows for a serious grip on the hard court floor. The wide-spaced grooves do not attract a lot of dust and dirt at all, so no need for wiping.

5) Nike LeBron Soldier 12

The Nike LeBron Soldier 12 is known for its big straps, mesh-constructed upper and reinforced overlays for additional protection and durability. But another feature equally deserving of attention is its traction. Users note that the traction is strong, robust and well… absolutely amazing. It has a incredible gripping ability and can be used even in dust-laden indoor court and outdoor courts.