Comparing Basketball Shoes to Running Shoes – What Should You Wear?

Running Shoes

With only dedicated sports footwear, players can attain good comfort and the power to enhance their performance at that particular sport. Wearing shoes specialized for a niche different from yours might work to some extent; however, only your sports shoe can ultimately prove best. The same is the case with the Basketball … Read more

How to Take Care of Basketball Shoes

Basket Ball shoes

Basketball is a challenging game, and we know you are working your fingers to the bones for achieving optimum performance; however, you are not alone. The basketball shoes affixed to your feet are working equally hard, as a result of which they lose their span-new charm. Nevertheless, fading in terms of looks … Read more

How to Choose Lightweight Footwear

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If your gameplay requires you to make fast actions, or if you like changing positions or running around the court, you want shoes that keep up with your rapid pace – without compromising the durability and comfort you need. Lightweight footwear will help you do just that.  Lightweight sneakers are the players’ … Read more

Types of Basketball Shoes – Everything You Need to Know

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Basketball shoes have surpassed the boundaries of just the courts. They’re highly modish footwear cherished by basketball stars and the must-have accessory when a fresh pair makes it to the stores. You might already know why basketball shoes are unrivaled and the various designs they are retailed in, but do you know … Read more

Best Basketball Shoes For Dusty Courts

Basketball Shoes

A smooth and shiny marble surface is what pops into our heads whenever we think about Basketball. However, for the majority, this isn’t the case. Not everyone has an indoor court to perform this gameplay, instead, Basketball is mostly played on dusty courts. For that, the best traction basketball shoes, specially designed … Read more

Is Having Wide Feet Good for Playing Sports?

Measuring Shoe Size

You might have come across people with varying feet sizes and shapes. Some people have narrow feet while others have wide feet. That begs the question, is having wide feet good for playing sports? Players with wide feet have certain advantages and disadvantages. If the wide feet are due to genetics, then … Read more

What Happens When Your Shoes Don’t Fit Properly?

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Basketball shoes are meant to offer flexibility, agility, safety, and speed. Unfortunately, many players, especially beginners run into the wrong types of shoes that hinder their performance. Basketball is a physically demanding game.  Apart from dribbling and shooting, you have to make rapid and fast turns to make your way through defenses. … Read more

Getting More Grip From Your Basketball Shoes

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There is no denying that basketball is a tough game. Not only is it physically tough but also mentally. Players need to be effective shooters and possess enough stamina to carry the game for a few hours. However, one important factor that can stand between winning and losing is the grip.  A … Read more

Should You Play Basketball Every Single Day?

LeBron James Layup (Cleveland vs Brooklyn 2018)

Basketball is one of the most popular games in the world. It is a game with rich history and players like Michael Jordan inspiring the younger generation to join the game. In the United States, basketball is both played on-court and off-court.  However, like any other sport, basketball has its share of … Read more

Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes

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When it comes to playing basketball, you want shoes that offer maximum comfort and traction. But that is not it. You want the shoes to be lightweight too so that you do not feel like burdening your feet and ankles while making instant moves and jumps.  Since basketball is a physically demanding … Read more