Comparing Basketball Shoes to Running Shoes – What Should You Wear?

Running Shoes

With only dedicated sports footwear, players can attain good comfort and the power to enhance their performance at that particular sport. Wearing shoes specialized for a niche different from yours might work to some extent; however, only your sports shoe can ultimately prove best. The same is the case with the Basketball … Read more

How to Take Care of Basketball Shoes

Basket Ball shoes

Basketball is a challenging game, and we know you are working your fingers to the bones for achieving optimum performance; however, you are not alone. The basketball shoes affixed to your feet are working equally hard, as a result of which they lose their span-new charm. Nevertheless, fading in terms of looks … Read more

Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes

shoe hanging

When it comes to playing basketball, you want shoes that offer maximum comfort and traction. But that is not it. You want the shoes to be lightweight too so that you do not feel like burdening your feet and ankles while making instant moves and jumps.  Since basketball is a physically demanding … Read more